Style ≠ Fashion

Style and fashion are used synonymously, but they are not equal. Fashion is a popular trend in dress. Style uses fashion to make a unique statement about one’s self. People can be fashionable yet lack style. Style separates the novice from the professional. The title of my blog is purposefully B.E. Style not B.E. Fashion because my style is who I am, which will not fade. However, fashion fades.


It is important to establish a solid personal style. How people dress says a lot about them. In society judgments are made upon people’s outward appearance, which is largely determind by how one dresses. Dress sends subliminal messages to others. For instance, if  student X wears sweatpants to class everyday, while student Y wears nice jeans and a blouse, the professor will most likely perceive that student Y cares more. The professors assumption may be inaccurate. However, the point being that the way someone styles themselves sends a message. Hence, it is important to style yourself well by dressing appropriately and making the time to look nice. Like it or not how you dress makes a statement about who you are and what you value.

Make the right statement by staying informed on fashions, and learning to establish style with the information provided by B.E. Style Blog.

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