Spring into Fashion

Spring into Fashion

The new season calls for sprucing up my spring wardrobe and you should too. Don’t forget to clear out your closet while spring cleaning. I never add to my wardrobe without ditching some old items. This keeps my closet from overflowing and ensures I am not keeping any out of style or worn out items.


Out with the old to send to Goodwill.

Spring 2017 Trends

Trends are great and fun, but if you’re on a tight budget you probably shouldn’t spend your dollars on them. Trends are not investment pieces. Investment pieces are versatile and timeless. However, it is ok to splurge on a trendy piece, just keep in mind you’re making a short term investment.

Check out where to find the current SPRING TRENDS in store.

How to Shop and Decide?

  • Is it versatile and B.E. Style (My style)? I think to myself can I wear it multiple ways with things I already own, and is it a classic piece? My style is classic. No Boho for me.
  • Do I have something like it already? If yes, then I pass.
  • Look for unique things, but not too unique or you won’t ever wear it. I tried on a few items I did not think I would like, and much to my surprise I loved them. Some of the the things I for sure thought would work did not. So do not limit yourself, keep an open mind, and be creative.
  • I accept having to try on A LOT of clothes. I don’t beat myself up when nothing fits. Many woman get down on themselves when nothing fits. It’s not your fault. Everybody has troubles no matter how short, tall, round, or lean you are.
  • Always wear clothes and shoes that are easy to get in and out of.
  • Take inventory of your closet prior to shopping and make a list.
  • Go with friends or family. It’s more fun that way, and they will make decision making easier.
  • Do not be fooled or pressured by sales associates. Everything can’t be their “favorite.”
  • Consolidate the number of bags you’re carrying. If I am only buying a one or a few small items from a store and have other bags,  I ask the clerk not to give me a bag. This way I can throw it in one of my larger bags from a different store, so I am carrying fewer bags!

Sneak peak of where I shopped.

Springing into Fashion with B.E. STYLE

*No tan but much style*


J. Crew sweater and tank. AEO Jeans. Longchamp Bag.


Madewell tie blouse. Forever 21 shorts. Giani Bernini Sandals.


AEO top and pants. Giani Bernini sandals


J.Crew button up and shorts. Kate Spade bag.


Banana Republic blouse. Gap cropped pants.


J.Crew jeweled cashmere and shorts. Coach sandals.


Boutique blouse. Express shorts. Coach sandals.Gap sunglasses.


Banana Republic top. Express shorts.


AEO top. Madewell shorts. Fossil bag. Francesca’s sandals.

Spring Additions At a Glance


A collage of what’s new to B.E. Style’s wardrobe

Shout Out and Thanks

Thank you to my mother, Lee Ann,  for treating me to a two day shopping spree, hanging out with me, and providing great feedback. She also deserves a big thank you for snapping my picture in the cold! I love spending time with my mom, especially shopping. Also, thank you to my Aunt Diane for joining our shopping trip and letting us stay at your new home. These two woman are incredibly loving, kind, and beautiful. Thanks ladies!

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