Connoisseur of Fashion

Passion for fashion

This is the hardest blog I have written thus far. It is impossible to describe the passion I have for fashion within my heart. My passion for fashion is the driving force behind all I do from blogging, networking, and reading articles upon articles on fashion. This semester has proven to me that studying fashion merchandising and pursuing a career in the industry is my perfect career path. I am blessed to say I have found my “calling.”

I came into this semester unenthusiastic due to not having any fashion courses. Instead I have to fulfill liberal arts core requirements at AU. I knew my heart would be broken if I did not surround myself with fashion. Therefore, I gave myself fashion “homework.” I read countless articles, follow fashion designers, and fashion bloggers. Most importantly I took on major responsibilities in planning the AU Fashion Show this semester. Technically, it was not required or expected of me because I was not in the class, but I can’t imagine not being part of something so amazing related to fashion! I jumped at every opportunity to help. I attended every meeting too. Much to many peoples’ surprise I was excited to stay up til 2 am prepping for the fashion show. Why? Because I love the industry, and anything related to fashion fuels me. For the fashion show I helped with planning, runway design, program content and writing, catalog design and content, modeled, and the biggest task of all the seating chart! Take a look at what the evening looked like for me. (The whole show will be coming in a blog, so stay tuned)


Part of Upstairs Runway

Descend with

Descending the Runway, representing A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Behind the Scenes

Alexis Crouse won third “Best in Show” for the light blue garment I modeled for her.


Naomi Sims dolling me up



GEO Filter, Alexis, & Me


Alexis and her work of art.

More than a love for shopping

Fashion is art, history, and a form of expression. I am not studying Fashion Merchandising simply because I like to shop. Actually, if you think that’s what a career in fashion is I suggest you don’t pursue a fashion career.  I believe fashion is a way to lift people up and make them feel better. For instance, dressing someone and making them look good on the outside gives them greater confidence. Self confidence issues can’t always be solved through long therapy sessions or self-help books. It’s OK to want to dress nice and look good so you feel better. For example, the show What Not to Wear  transformed peoples’ lives and confidence level from the outside in. I watched this show growing up, and it impacted my view of fashion greatly. Fashion, clothes, and style all have the power to uplift people and help people make a powerful statement about the incredible person they are. This is why I blog, to encourage people to take time to create their style because they’re incredible and others should be able to see that from the outside. I encourage you to keep following B.E. Style to learn how to develop your style, so people can see who you are on the inside. You are INCREDIBLE.

What it means to be a Connoisseur of fashion

It means I love everything about the fashion industry from brutal criticism to dressing to perfection for An Elegant Tale. It means I strive to learn something new everyday about the art of fashion to enhance my competency, style, and credibility. It means long hours in the fashion lab are joyfully accepted, and I take every opportunity to grow B.E. Style.

Stay Tuned

An exceptionally elegant blog is coming your way. Don’t miss the highlights, best looks, and behind the scenes special moments from An Elegant Tale fashion show on B.E. Style.


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