Fashion for Women by a Strong Woman

Inspiring and Empowering Women

Ivanka Trump and her company have been under scrutiny these past months. Social media, flaming feminists, and others are making her out to be a terrible person, and I had no idea as to why. So I did my own research. Come to find out the core of her company is built upon women, for all the leaders in her company are women. Check it out here. Additionally, Ivanka Trump is a lifestyle brand meant to empower women. She herself advocates for women and made the following statement on International Women’s Day…

“Today, we celebrate women and are reminded of our collective voice and the powerful impact we have on our societies and economies”. –Ivanka Trump

So for all the feminist out there, stop tearing her apart. She is actually fighting for women, unlike many celebrities or politicians who speak about women’s rights, yet they do nothing. Ivanka takes action. Ivanka gives women opportunities, and her brand is built on the idea of…

“Inspiring and Empowering Women” – Ivanka Trump 

Trumped by Fashion

Her company is successful and growing. Her fashion line grew this past year by 365%. My mother, aunt, and I wanted to support her and try out her successful brand for ourselves. You should too if you really are a woman for women. Check out what we got!

My Denim Heels

I love these. It is apparent Ivanka Trump designs for women. These ankle strap heels are versatile, and unique. The denim makes them casual, and the thick heel makes walking a breeze. The ankle strap and heel height makes the shoe perfect for evening wear too!

Aunt’s Blouses


Mom’s Array of Ivanka

This raincoat is stylish, functional, and designed with great care and detail. The construction is immaculate, and the rose gold buttons add a feminine touch to the structured coat. My mom is very happy with it. She finally found a raincoat without and obnoxious belt.

The blouse is flattering and beautiful. The perfume smells wonderful, and it was the #1 selling perfume on Amazon!

Wear the Empowering Brand

I urge you to be apart of a brand for women, by women. It is affordable, functional, and beautiful. Forget the feminist t-shirts, most likely not made by women, and fit yourself with a brand that inspires and empowers women.

Visit Ivanka Trump

With thanks

I would like Ivanka Trump to know I am thankful for her role in fashion, politics, and the world. She emanates class and strength in all she does. I follow her on social media, and I am always in awe of how she orchestrates herself. Ivanka is a wonderful daughter, mother, wife, businesswoman, and woman in general. Even under scrutiny she remains dignified. I have the utmost respect for her. You may disagree, but before you tear her down please check the facts. She is truly one of the biggest advocates for women.

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