Family Style

Family Photoshoot

In honor and celebration of my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary my siblings and I coordinated a family photoshoot. Inevitably, I was tasked to coordinate everyone! Despite being very opinionated and independent, they all were on board with my vision and suggestions.

Tips for Styling a Group

Styling a group of people can be difficult especially when a wide range of ages and personalities are involved. In order to ensure everyone looks good and feels comfortable keep it simple. For my family’s shoot I chose a color scheme I knew everyone looks good in, likes wearing, and likely already owns. I chose blue paired with white and tan as the neutrals to give a nod to spring.

  1. Choose a color scheme and use various shades of the main colors.
  2. Incorporate different textures and patterns to avoid being too “matchy.”
  3. Allow people’s personalities to shine through with accessories of their choosing. (Ex: my brother’s crazy socks!)

Styled to Perfection

Not to brag but I truly have the most perfect family in pictures and reality. We are not the Kardashians, for the laughter, love, and smiles pictured are genuine, not staged to generate popularity. I love my beautiful family, and I credit my loving parents and their strong marriage for my family’s happiness.

What I Wore

  • Armani Dress
  • Ivanka Trump Shoes
  • Jewelry from various places

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Single as a Pringle.

When it came time for couple photos and family “unit” photos, I took the spotlight by myself. I threw my head back in laughter because like Proverbs 31:25 says “I (she) am clothed with strength and dignity; I (she) can laugh at the days to come.” I think I rock being a Pringle.

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The lovely couple that made this happy family possible.



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End on a bang with the one that stole the show, looking cute, cool, and stylish. My 4 month old nephew Jack Reynolds.

Photo Credits to Amanda Rahe Photography

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