Life’s a Party DRESS for It

Life’s a Party Dress for It

I truly believe each day is full of opportunity, making it a party. Hence, why it is so important to dress your best, for me this happens to be in a dress.

Dresses are Life- Brooke Moline

…well, at least to me. I love dresses. Dresses are my all time favorite thing to wear. I always feel better in a dress and they are so easy to wear. Dresses make life feel more fun, like a party!

Wearing Dresses in Life

Take a look at a few of my favorite dresses and perfect places to wear them.

B.E. Style Insider Tip: Wear spandex sport shorts under your dresses, so you can move freely and confidently. Spandex shorts are perfect for windy days, sitting on the floor, and every girl who is a busy body. I am definitely a busy body!

Prism Dress

Perfect for graduation parties or casual summer weddings. Dress it down with a pair of sandals instead of heels.



Coral Dress

A wonderful wedding guest dress. A bold shoe is perfect for the dance floor, and will surely make your look the talk of the party…after the bride of course.

DSCF6447Tip: Add a belt to define your waist for a slimming look. DSCF6435

Floral Dress

Perfect for a day on the go. The pattern makes jewelry less necessary, and the cotton fabric makes it casual for a day of errands. This dress can be worn with flip flops, but you can dress it up for dinner in the evening with heels too.


Paisley Dress

This dress is one of my favorites because the silhouette is free flowing and very forgiving. I paired it with wedges for a more casual spring outfit, perfect for dinner out. Later in the day I wore it with black flip flops while running errands, and it still looked great! Dress it up much more with a pair of black stiletto heels.


Notice: The artist behind the lens

This was from my first photography collaboration with photographer Lucas. All photos were captured by him, a very talented photographer/artist. Follow him on Instagram and check out his website.

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You’re turn to DRESS for the Party of life

I encourage you to put on a dress when you’re feeling low, or do not want to think about what to wear. The great thing about a dress is you are fully dressed in a complete outfit by putting on only one item of clothing.

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