7 Uniquely Styled Outfits, 1 White T-Shirt

White T-Shirts

White T-shirts and Tees are a wardrobe staple and great for summer. Many people look at a white T-shirt and see a boring garment. I see a shirt with endless style possibilities. It is a fashionista’s and avid stylist’s dream of a blank canvas. White T-shirts are a must have because they can be dressed up or down, making them perfect for any occasion. Also, you’ll probably be shocked to hear me say they’re the easiest shirt to keep clean because a simple bleaching returns the T-shirt back to its pure white color, looking brand new.

I could have shown more outfits, but I had to stop somewhere! Here are 7 outfits, showing how you can wear 1 white T-shirt everyday for a week no matter the occasion.

#1 All American

This outfit reflects simplistic, American girl style with skinny jeans and Sperry slip on sneakers. The look is casual and comfortable, reflecting traditional American style just in time for Memorial Day Weekend. I like to tuck my white T-shirt in. This way my waist is defined, and my legs look longer.


My favorite white tee is here. The jeans I am wearing are from American Eagle, but I also love the Skimmer from White House|Black Market.

#2 Nautical Navy

White T-shirts can be transformed with a scarf. Scarves add color, texture, and pattern to an outfit. I chose this one for the coloration, and I like how it lays. It’s not too long or heavy for the summer.


#3 Girly in Floral

You can’t have a summer wardrobe without florals. A white T-shirt works well tucked into any skirt, especially this one for a fun, flirty look for summer! The addition of the pearl bracelets give it a more mature, classic look. It’s all in the details!


#4 Decked with Jewels

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! I love jewelry, and a white T-shirt goes with silver, gold, rose gold, beaded, multicolored, and leather jewelry. White T-shirts provide a canvas to display really unique and artistic jewelry that may otherwise clash with different tops.

DSCF7492 - Version 2DSCF7502DSCF6301DSCF6302

#5 Business Ready

Cardigans are my favorite! They’re a wonderful layering piece and instantly make an outfit more professional and conservative. White T-shirts go well with all cardigans especially the bright patterned ones! In this case I opted for black to maintain professionalism and allow the pattern in my shorts to stand out.


#6 Sporty Chic

Well, it is a T-shirt, so of course you can be sporty in it. Or at least pretend to be athletic. I may not be a home run hitter, but I can surely look the part in this sporty chic outfit. Converse, leggings, and a denim button up tied around my waste create a sporty chic look that’s really comfortable and easy to move in.


In addition to loving my Real Soft Tee from Aerie, I love my leggings from Victoria Secret Sport. They aren’t made from cotton which helps them last longer, do not attract dust and lint, and they look dressier. See how easy they are to move in!

#7 Comfy and Cool

Somehow I can’t help but feel cooler in sunglasses. This look is super chill yet stylish. My pants are silky and loose with great pockets for functionality and the fitted white tee balances the outfit. Do not pair loose tops and bottoms or else you’ll lose your shape. The addition of the maroon smoking slippers adds great color and style.


How do you like to wear a white t-shirt?

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Photo Credits: Lucas Sigurdson 



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