Fresh Fashion & Food-How to style an Outfit

Fresh Fashion, Fresh Food

I love Balance Pan-Asian Grille almost as much as I love fashion. I eat there at least once a week, so it’s no surprise Balance inspired the outfit for this blog, for building a bowl at Balance is like building an outfit! Yes, I am always this excited to eat the Four Star Bowl from Balance (see image below).


This outfit reminds me of the food at Balance because the colors are natural and fresh, like their ingredients. This dress is from my favorite store and place of work White House|Black Market. 

How to Style an Outfit

Styling an outfit is like cooking a meal. In order for a meal to come out perfectly you can’t leave an ingredient out. This is what makes Balance so good. Similarly, outfits aren’t perfect without having color, pattern, texture, and shine.  These 4 “ingredients” make a complete, fresh, and perfectly styled outfit. Here’s how to incorporate each into an outfit.

  1. Color

    DSCF8027Pick a color palette (Neutrals, earth tones, pastels, etc.) and two to three shades from that palette to incorporate in your outfit. Add a hint of a different color to add contrast. I chose earth tones in browns and greens. Varying shades of brown and green come from my dress, shoes, jewelry, and scarf. The hint of bright blue in my scarf adds just the right amount of color contrast. (Note: even my toes are bright blue!).

  2. Pattern

    DSCF8035 I love to incorporate pattern with accessories, like a scarf or animal print shoes. If your pants, top, or dress have a pattern choose non-patterned accessories with coordinating colors. It can be tricky to mix patterns.

  3. Texture

    DSCF7981Varying textures is easier than you may think. Texture is achieved through wearing jewelry and different fabrics such as cotton, silk, lace, cashmere, spandex, snake skin, or calf hair! I achieved pattern in this outfit with a rayon/spandex knit dress, elastic sandals, metal jewelry with crystals, a leather watch, and a cotton/silk scarf.

  4. Shine

    DSCF8047The easiest way to add shine to an outfit is with jewelry. Jewelry adds shine through different metals, finishes, stones, and crystals. My earrings, large ring, and bracelet are all metals with a bronze finish (staying in the earth tone colors). Additional shine comes from the silver Fossil watch face and crystals in my bracelet.

Photos taken by Lucas, who manages Balance’s Instagram page. I am blessed to have such an amazing photography partner. 


Adding too much of one ingredient can ruin a dish or meal! Similarly, adding too much color, pattern, texture, or shine can ruin an outfit. Be consistent. Not every garment in your outfit should have each element. For instance, if my green dress was also patterned and sequined my outfit would be too busy and look tacky!



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