Coffee “Date” Outfit

Coffee inspired Style


Coffee and coffee shops are comforting, relaxing, and inviting, so should the outfit you go there in.  Rustbelt is a great place for a coffee “date.” I put this in quotes because I go on coffee “dates” to work on homework alone or chill with friends. Then there’s the obvious “real” date.  This outfit is perfect for any type of coffee “date” you may find yourself on. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a cup of coffee while reading what makes this outfit perfect for a coffee “date.”

Coffee “Date” outfit


The Watch

is necessary for tracking and checking time while working, so I don’t run the risk of getting distracted by Instagram Live videos or text messages. Also, a watch is a discrete way to check the time just incase your “real” coffee date goes south!

Eye Glasses

help me work to maintain focus while reading and prevent headaches. They’re a great accessory to add color and interest to my outfit too. Eye glasses make you appear more professional and smart too, which is always a bonus! Consider wearing them on a date when you want to be seen as more than a “pretty face.”


Relaxed Shirt and Pants

Pick a shirt and pant that’s comfortable to sit around in.  I never know how long I will be working on homework when I go to a coffee shop. As for dates, you also never know what will come next. You may end up heading to a park for a walk or to the movies, so bring a sweater too!

Key Style Tip for a Coffee “Date” Outfit

wear something you feel comfortable and confident in! This will result in greater productivity or better conversations on a “real” date.

Where Next?

This is part of a series of Fashion and Food posts starting with Balance.  I let restaurants and the food itself to inspire my outfits. What would you like to “taste” and see on B.E. Style next? Leave suggestions in the comments below.

Photo credits @ Lucas Sigurdson

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