How to Dress for Air Travel

Dressing for travel, especially on an airplane, is tricky. Naturally, people think drab sweatpants and t-shirts are their only options! However, it is possible to be comfortable in something besides sweatpants and look great after a long flight. This way you won’t feel so drab. Just follow my tips! Take a look at what I wore for my 8 hour flight to Paris, and read on to see what you should wear next time you’re headed for the air!


Dressing for Airports, planes, and security

  • Keep in mind your final destination. Make sure you dress for any climate and/or cultural differences. For instance, in Paris I know sweats and shorts aren’t accepted forms of dress. That’s much too casual for Parisians.
  • Wear dark colors and clothes that will not wrinkle easily such as cotton and spandex. You never know what you may brush up against or spill during turbulence! IMG_1570
  • A crossbody bag is a must. There’s nothing more annoying than having a purse fall off your shoulder as you drag luggage around. (Tip: Do NOT get one with a full chained strap. It’s painful. I know from my experience with this bag)! Knowing it would get tossed around a lot, I purchased an inexpensive purse from Target.
  • Wear a watch to check the time quickly. You do not want to dig for a phone at the bottom of your carry on. Also, you can set it to the time of your destination while you wait for your phone to catch up.IMG_1583
  • Loose fitting pants with pockets are a must! But not too loose. My jogger pants are perfect for any type of travel. They’re as comfortable as sweats or leggings, yet look like dress pants. The pockets are an added bonus since there’s a million and one papers, tags, and gadgets you need to carry from check-in to security.
  • IMG_1575IMG_1572.JPG
  • A passport holder is an easy way identify your passport and keep it from getting bent in your bag. Mine is even monogramed with a B! Also, a crossbody purse like this inexpensive one from Target with a magnetic clasp will make accessing the contents of the bag quick and easy.IMG_1576
  • Security is a pain, and there’s no way of getting around almost completely undressing. Make it easier on yourself and wear slip on shoes of some sort. I purchased these Lucky Brand sandals for my travels. They stay on my feet, yet they are easy to get off too. Plus, the leather makes them durable and long-lasting. I did a lot of walking around Paris in them without getting a blister!IMG_1580
  • Layer on up! The temperature inside airports and planes is unpredictable. Bring along a cardigan or small jacket. If for nothing else you can use it as a pillow. IMG_1585

Bon Voyage!

That’s it.  Now, you are ready to fly high in style. It is feasible to dress in a stylish and functional outfit for travel by following my tips above. Share your travel looks with me on Facebook on B.E. Style and on Instagram @be_moline.  Enjoy traveling in style, the B.E. Style way!

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