Fashion, Food, and Fun like a French Woman

A day in Paris

Here is a look at just one of my days in Paris. Parisians (people who live in Paris) are constantly on the move, so it is important to dress for an on the go lifestyle. However, it’s  more important to dress well.  A French woman doesn’t wear shorts, leggings, or any other type of athletic apparel. She rides her bike in heels and doesn’t let the blazing heat determine her outfit. Therefore, my cotton, striped dress is perfect for a day walking the city streets in the sun, sightseeing, “working”, and of course shopping.


I headed up to the top of the only skyscraper in Paris, wearing comfortable shoes. However, they are still cute! I wore them on my air travel to Paris.  French women do not wear ugly shoes. They’d rather have blistered, bleeding feet than wear ugly shoes even if they make walking easier.


Montparnasse Tower


View from panoramic observation deck

Sunglasses are a necessary accessory. Sunglasses protect the eyes as well as conceal any exhaustion in them! I love that French women understand shades make an outfit instantly more chic.


Just casually taking a selfie with the Eiffel Tower, no big deal.

After a couple hours of sightseeing and observing the amazing view of the city. I did a little shopping, stopping at places such as Mango, the Weekend MaxMara, Naf Naf, and of course Zara. French women love Zara. I couldn’t go to Paris without stopping at the most cutting edge store of the day. Bonus, it is very economical. My mom spotted this amazing piece for me!

Zara WaistcoatWaistcoat Label

Around noon I began my search for crepes. The area I was staying, Montparnasse, is known for crepes. The street I ate on had over 10 creperies on a road less than a mile. The choice was hard, but I chose La Bigoudene.


Parisians love espressos. They do not drink coffee in large amounts like Americans. Instead they sip on a strong, quality espresso.


This is another perfect coffee “date” outfit , which I wrote about here.  IMG_8703

Like a true French woman I got all the crepes I wanted! Food is appreciated and looked at differently than in the U.S. This crepe is baked apple, and the other one I got (not pictured) was banana and honey. I devoured each one and left with satisfied taste buds and a full tummy.

My favorite part of the day was the perfume workshop at a private residence. French women pride themselves on smelling good and developing a signature scent. If it’s not their silk scarves or shoes, they want to be recognized by their scent. In an attempt to fit in and experience the life of a real Parisian woman, I mixed my signature scent.


The process was not too difficult, but it is a science. After developing 3 different samples and creating original formulas. I settled on my signature scent composed of caramel, citrus, melon, lily of the valley and peach.


My instructor calculated and mixed the right amounts of my formula to make my signature perfume which is fresh and fruity!


I’m calling my signature scent B.E. Fresh.


The day ended with more shopping and sightseeing. I carried along my cardigan to cover up in the evening. One of my favorite things about Paris is they do not freeze you with air conditioning! I was happy to return to my hotel and take a nice shower though. French women put as much effort into preparing themselves for sleep as they do for a new day. I made sure to take a long, hot shower to cleanse myself from the busy day and renew my skin with the proper lotions and potions.

B.E. Style in Paris

Now, you know what style and life is like for women in Paris. What place or culture would you like me to see next!? Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

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