Kate Spade Joy

Moments of Joy Contest

If you know me or follow my blog regularly you know I love Kate Spade New York. The colorful, fun designs of their bags and accessories compliment my classic style perfectly. Kate Spade is responsible for my love of polka dots and bows not beaus! Kate Spade brings me so much joy, and I can’t stay away from it, even when in Paris. Kate Spade Joy is a real feeling, and a contest too! Kate Spade launched a “moments of joy” contest calling people to share their favorite Kate Spade products using #katespadejoy. Each month 3 winners are chosen based on creativity and overall appearance of post. I am hoping this will give me exposure to my favorite brand and of course winning would be nice!

Kate Spade Joy

Kate Spade Joy Photoshoot

I am beyond thankful and amazed with the photos Maddie Biggie of Rise and Roar Photography took for me. She captures my style perfectly, and she is a joy to work with. Obviously, showing joy is really important for this contest. IMG_3968

Styled in Kate Spade earrings, watch, scarf and cross body bag. A bright pink dress reminds me of Kate Spade because it is playful and girly. IMG_3926

I love the signature Kate Spade bows, especially my bow watch because it is dainty. It looks like jewelry not just a watch. IMG_3930

Maddie made it so easy to be natural by laughing and conversing with me. Hence, why my true personality shines through.IMG_3940IMG_3972

These earrings and scarf compliment my overall look. The lighter shade of pink with the black edging and bow tie the colors together and the earrings compliment my bag and watch. I like to coordinate my accessories not necessarily match. Buying complete sets takes out all the fun.

Tip: Mixing pieces with similar colorations and materials will ensure your look is well put together, but it is your style!


I got this cross body bag at the Kate Spade boutique in Fort Myers, Florida two Christmases ago. It is great for shopping trips, on the go trips, and evenings out. IMG_3994

Sometimes I take risks for the perfect shot, like strolling down the middle of the road. No one ever said fashion was safe!IMG_3998

This photo accurately displays my #katespadejoy. IMG_3999

To show off my favorite Cedar Street Mase handbag from Kate Spade I hop on a pastel blue bike with fresh flowers in the woven basket on the back. The basket reminds me of the wicker handbags from Kate Spade.

Sick of all the Kate Spade Joy yet? Good, because there’s so much more to see. You can’t miss the joy and happiness on my face. IMG_4101IMG_4021

This bag is special to me because it was the first one I splurged on for myself. It was a reward summers ago for working really hard and saving my money. The neutrality makes it perfect for any outfit and season. Plus, it’s a classic style, which is so B.E. Style a.k.a me!IMG_4093IMG_4019IMG_4042

Maddie and I sure had a lot of fun shooting with this bike! I love how all the colors compliment each other.IMG_4007IMG_4002

She is quick and curious and playful and strong- Kate Spade New york


I am probably just talking Maddie’s ear off or singing off key about how much I love Kate Spade.IMG_4027

I live for moments like this. Moments when fashion brings joy and style excites. There’s something spectacular about fashion: the manner of dress. It really lifts my spirits and confidence.


One of the other great features of this bag is it can be carried by hand or on my shoulder. It also comes with a long strap to be worn as a cross body bag but I prefer to carry it on my arm, in hand, or on my shoulder.IMG_4061IMG_4064

It’s a belly kind of laugh!IMG_4066IMG_4069

Style is the sum of so many things beginning with a sense of who you are and having self confidence. -Kate Spade


Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You- Kate Spade New York

Share the Joy

I hope you enjoyed this post and will share it on ALL social media sites. I would appreciate your comments, likes, and shares to help me have a better chance at achieving my #katespadejoy goal. Thanks for reading and B.E. joyful!


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