A Glorious Gucci Welcome

Gucci in Paris

Gucci Window Display

I visited the Gucci flagship boutique in Paris. I was instantaneously captured and welcomed in from across the street by their glorious window displays. The designer boutique is on the corner of the most luxurious shopping street in Paris. It fits right in, yet manages to stand out! IMG_8782

The front entrance is small but grand. With great anticipation, I climbed the front staircase to see the glorious designer clothing. I knew what awaited me would be exceptional, but I had no idea it would be this amazing.


A room filled with brightly colored, hand crafted ready-to-wear designs captured my attention. I stood in awe for a moment. I was also warmly welcomed by the workers and security! The staff is why I titled this “A Glorious Gucci Welcome.” You see many designer boutiques were not welcoming. Instead they starred me down and followed me to make sure I didn’t sneeze on something or steal something. (I guess all 5’3” of me is pretty threatening). At Gucci the staff sensed my mesmerization and welcomed me to take as many photos as I pleased. IMG_8785IMG_8789

I fawned over the craftsmanship of each item hanging on the racks. Gucci pays attention to every detail, as is apparent on the lining of the above shoes. IMG_8786IMG_8790

Although completely over the top these Gucci runway dresses are exceptional. I appreciate the detail, design, and quality of materials used. Just because something is not my style doesn’t mean I do not appreciate or understand it. As an Interior Design Assistant and Stylist I have learned to make different styles work. Good style is not just my style. The best in fashion can make anyone’s taste preferences work, and I get the chance to do that at my jobs. IMG_8791

Here’s another angel of the first room at the top of the stairs. Little did I realize there are a maze of stairs leading to different levels and rooms throughout GucciIMG_8792

This staircase leads to Gucci KidsIMG_8795

The room has dainty, cute designs for girls and refined clothes for little boys. They cater to kids up in this room by offering them things to play with and seating at small tables. Next, I made my way to the shoes and accessories. At this point I was beyond amazed and over stimulated!IMG_8796IMG_8797IMG_8799

This is more than a pretty red dress! My mom really liked it. I can assure you it is special. The design and construction is exceptional as well as the materials used to make it. All these elements do make it worth a pretty penny. IMG_8800

Displayed here is the Sylvie bag. The colors and stripes are distinct marks of the Gucci brand. It is made of the finest leather and gold chains.

Goodbye Gucci

I will never forget how I was welcomed at Gucci and the amazing designs I saw. The layout of the store is exceptional. I hope to go back some day and be fortunate enough to buy something! #dreamingbig


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