Hermès -The Most Desired French Brand

Hermès History You may be asking what makes Hermès so spectacular and special? It all goes back to 1837 when Thierry Hermès started making fine horse saddles and equestrian accessories. From the start the company used the finest leathers. Hence, why their leather goods and bags are desired items. In 1880 the workshop moves to 24 Rue … Continue reading Hermès -The Most Desired French Brand

Noonday: Accessorize with Purpose

Noonday Collection  I am excited to share how to style an outfit with purpose and impact with accessories from Noonday, provided to me by their passionate Ambassador, April . I am in love with the jewelry, but Noonday stole my heart with this statement. We believe that style can change the world. -Noonday Collection Similarly, I … Continue reading Noonday: Accessorize with Purpose

My Favorite French Brand Every French Woman Owns

Longchamp Paris This brand is one I liked before visiting Paris, but once there it stole my heart. I visited the store at least 4 times just because I loved being there. This brand creates couture, runway designs, yet offers a wide selection of economical handbags and accessories. The store itself is 3 stories, clean, … Continue reading My Favorite French Brand Every French Woman Owns