My Favorite French Brand Every French Woman Owns

Longchamp Paris

This brand is one I liked before visiting Paris, but once there it stole my heart. I visited the store at least 4 times just because I loved being there. This brand creates couture, runway designs, yet offers a wide selection of economical handbags and accessories. The store itself is 3 stories, clean, and merchandise is well displayed.


I was hoping they would not notice me because I fit in so nicely. I would be happy living among all the amazing Longchamp handbags. Side note my sandals are not Longchamp, but I highly recommend them as a stylish walking shoe that’s not a sneaker.

Le Pilage

I kid you not, every French woman owns a Le Pilage bag, which I received as a birthday gift back in February. Women love this bag because it is made of nylon for easy clean. The bag draws inspiration from origami, hence why it is designed to be folded very neatly for storage or travel.


Here the Le Pilage is displayed folded in each size and color variation Longchamp offers. Once unfolded the bag looks something like this depending on the bag’s size and strap design.


My Longchamp in Paris

Of course I would have loved another bag, but I wanted something that was clearly from Paris as a souvenir. However, nothing trinket and trashy, like the Eiffel Towers sold by street vendors!


This case displays Longchamps’ 100% silken scarves made in Italy. I know what you’re thinking…”Italy? I thought this was French.” Yes, it is French. Everything is designed in France from Longchamp in Paris, but Italy is the best producer of silk scarves. Therefore, actual production takes place one country over. I chose two scarves from here with the Eiffel Tower on the smaller one and sites found all over Paris on the other!


The smaller one is perfect to tie around the handle of my navy Le Pilage bag to add color and pattern. Most importantly it allows me to carry Paris with me.


The larger one is perfect to wear around my neck, and I love that it showcases many different sites throughout Paris. How many do you recognize?


The design and fabrication of these scarves is amazing. I am excited to experiment with different ways to wear my scarves. French women are pros at incorporating silk scarves into their everyday outfits. Scarves are like underwear to them, an essential part of your daily dress. Well, at least I hope. 😉

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