Noonday: Accessorize with Purpose

Noonday Collection 

I am excited to share how to style an outfit with purpose and impact with accessories from Noonday, provided to me by their passionate Ambassador, April . I am in love with the jewelry, but Noonday stole my heart with this statement.

We believe that style can change the world. -Noonday Collection

Similarly, I believe investing in your style will build confidence. Wearing accessories from Noonday’s collection positively impacts other’s lives, especially women and children, while enhancing your style and confidence.

In Short, Noonday, makes a difference in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities, by partnering with Artisan Businesses that share their passion for building a flourishing world. They develop businesses through fair trade, empowering them to grow sustainably and to create dignified jobs for people who need them.


Accessorize with Purpose

I love the Noonday collection, and feel elated to style the accessories. To be honest, I was not elated to be photographed as I just had major dental surgery a few days prior. I felt self conscious healing, bruised, and swollen. However, I always follow through with my commitments.


Plus, the difficulties of my dental surgery pale in comparison to those of the Noonday Artisans.


My belief in Noonday’s impact and support of their mission is greater than my lack of confidence due to a mouth full of stitches and swollen cheeks.



The stylish jewelry adds color to my outfit and my spirit, making me feel more confident. Knowing I am accessorizing with purpose and a cause helps too!

Accessorized Outfit #1: What I am wearing

  • Resinwork Necklace: Made with love from India
  • Cow Horn Hoops: Made with love from Uganda
  • Formation Cuff: Made with love from Uganda (Read on for details on how to enter in the giveaway for this bracelet Featuring vibrant layers of polished paper mache and an elegant metal cuff, each of these unique styles takes 2-3 days to complete!)


I love these gold toned accessories because they are very classic and elegant. They remind me of jewelry found at fine jewelers or boutiques. These are perfect to style an outfit with for a nice evening out.




I like to make accessories my own. I pair two necklaces in this outfit. The longer one is wrapped twice in two different lengths, and the shorter one follows the neckline of my dress perfectly. Try these two necklaces out for yourself and show me how you style them!


I am walking confidently in these classic Noonday accessories, forgetting about my swollen cheek. I hope showing these fabulous Noonday accessories will provide more opportunities for Noonday Artisans resulting in a better world.

Accessorized Outfit #2: What I am wearing


I am really attracted to the coloration and design of these accessories. Also, I need something more cool and casual to wear on my adventure out to lunch at Balance and Put-put.


The name Noonday Collection comes from Isaiah 58:10: “If you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.”


Surprisingly, all Noonday’s accessories are very lightweight, even the large beaded earrings. The large earrings stand out, but do not feel like they are pulling on my ear lobs.


Practical and beautiful is how I sum up this jewelry because I can brace a windy day and score a few hole in ones wearing it!

Accessorized Outfit #3: What I am wearing

Heading out on a Skydiving adventure, I appropriately choose to wear the Soar Necklace!


My best friend, Kajal, joins me in the Noir Bracelet, and I wear the Bonfire Wrap Bracelet.


Finally, I leave you with a fall styled outfit, featuring a brand new bag from Noonday’s 2017 Fall Collection.

Noonday FallDSC_0576DSC_0571

This bag is handmade with really soft leather! The design is simple, and the color is a perfect neutral, making it versatile and wearable with any outfit. The corssbody design makes it a great travel bag too.


Accessorized Outfit #4: What I am wearing

Styling the accessories from Noonday’s collection makes me feel purposeful and beautiful, resulting in greater confidence. -Brooke Moline

Noonday Collection Giveaway

Enter in a chance to win the Formation Cuff by following the easy steps below! Entering in the giveaway helps support Noonday’s mission, so please enter and share this blog.


Entry Method 1

  1. Follow me and April on Instagram @be_moline and @ordinary_advocate .
  2. Like this Instagram photo here and tag a friend in the comments!

Entry Method 2

  1. Subscribe to my blog via email (see side, top menu or bottom of home page)
  2. Share this blog on your Facebook timeline.
  3. Like B.E. Style on Facebook @bestylefashionblog.

Note: Unfollows, unlikes, or unsubscriptions will not be counted.

Winner will be announced and notified on September 1st, 2017.

Shop the Collection

The new Fall Collection has just arrived, featuring trendy and classic accessories. Shop the whole collection here, and check out the 2017 Fall Lookbook. Accessorize your basic outfits with Noonday and add purpose to your style! Together we can help April change the world through style one Noonday accessory at a time.

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