Fast Fashion for Fast People

This blog is for women constantly running, desiring to still look amazing.

As a busy college student taking 21 credit hours, working part time, starting organizations, and trying to have a social life I know what it is like to be on the go. However, I still want to look fashionable. Can you relate? My college wardrobe lends itself to a busy lifestyle consisting of clothes that are easy to wear and care for. Here are some outfits and tips on how to achieve style, while living a fast and busy life.

My Fast Fashion Challenge

I hit the streets of a local Farmers Market with 3 outfits. I put them together VERY fast to realistically show how fast people can achieve fashion FAST! It does not have to take a lot of time to look good. I even had to change in my car, that’s how easy these outfits are to wear and style.

The Instant Outfit

Dresses, especially T-shirt dresses, are my go to fast fashion outfit. Dresses are an instant outfit you do not have to think about! The one I am wearing from H&M has served me well for several years for only $7.



This dress works well with a sneaker. I learned in Paris how chic and stylish it is to mix sneakers with dresses! Caution: you have to pick a cute, fashion sneaker, so stay away from the Nike running shoes in neon. Try mine on from Ecco. These Ecco Women Soft 7 Sneakers are cute, comfortable, and most importantly fashionable.


For women on the go I suggest wearing some type of spandex short under your dress. I fancy Nike Pro shorts. Also, be sure to choose wrinkle free fabrics!


Can you tell I am super comfortable putting in miles at the Farmers Market in this dress and fashion sneaker? 


I always wear a hair tie around my wrist. I never know what a busy day will do to my hair. Sometimes gusts of wind blowing hair into my eyes is too much to handle. OUCH! Thankfully new hair ties have entered the market that look like bracelets.

Casual business in a jiffy

I am obsessing over these leggings from the new Target brand I wrote about here. A New Day, at Target offers affordable, menswear inspired designs perfect for women going in and out of the office. Note: for the office pick a dressier shoe. Preferably closed toed, and a heel is a style bonus!


These navy leggings  provide a professional look without the wrinkling common in dress pants. Plus the polyester, spandex blended fabric makes them comfortable and easy to keep clean throughout the day. Simply brush off any crumbs with your hands (like I did from the cheesecake bites!), and you’re good to keeping going, going, going.

Invest in a really good tote bag. Tote bags have plenty of space to pack all your necessities for the day. A good one can withstand a busy lifestyle and some beating up. My Kate Spade New York tote serves me well, even for overnight trips.


My shirt from White House|Black Market is light and easy to move in. Pick a shirt with pattern to hide any stains or wrinkles you may incur on the go. Tip: pack your bag and car with a Tide to Go stick! I never go anywhere without one. Because sometimes, I can’t wait to eat the foam off my coffee while driving…oops.


I threw this outfit on in a jiffy, making it perfect to run casual business errands in.

Statement Accessory and “Fancy” T-shirt

Take leggings to the next level with a statement accessory and fancy T-shirt.


I prefer a scarf this time of year incase it gets chilly, and I am without a jacket. A scarf doesn’t just provide warmth, for it adds style too! Scarves help incorporate pattern, texture, and shine! Learn more about how to style the perfect outfit here. There are essential elements to create a complete outfit.


A quality T-shirt instantly elevates an outfit, making it more fashionable. As a result, your legging outfit will no longer look like it is meant for the gym. This J.Crew T-shirt has a metallic finish making it fancier. I love it. If you aren’t into metallics try the basic J.Crew Linen T-shirt.  I have several, even in patterns. Patterns are an easy way to add style without more work or planning.


Again, a tote bag is a must. It is like a diaper bag for fashionistas! Quality leggings are life changing and very practical. See, I can sit on the ground and get up without a wrinkle or stain in these leggings.The best part about A New Day leggings are the high-waist!


I am comfortably making use of my scarf, carrying large flowers, Tide to Go, and EVERYTHING else an on the go fashionista needs in a sturdy, stylish Kate Spade tote bag.

Try it fast

What “fast fashion” look are you going to try? Share your “fast fashion” with me in the comments below, on Facebook, or Instagram @be_moline.

Photos Credits: Madison Behan of Rise and Roar Photography 

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