What I Wear Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Welcome to my new blog series “What I Wear Wednesday,” so you can get a snapshot of my style on average days. Some Wednesday may not be average though! Be sure to subscribe via email, so you don’t miss what I wear every Wednesday.

School is in full swing. Today, I have been all over campus, sitting in class, working at the AU Campus Store, and studying in this classic but comfortable, casual Wednesday outfit.


Typically button-up shirts are not worn open. However, I don’t like to wear things as shown in catalogs or online. If I do I feel like a style “copy cat”. Wearing this shirt open makes it more comfortable too. If it was buttoned I would have to worry about keeping it neatly tucked in at all times. I definitely recommend this Double-faced washed shirt from J.Crew Factory! It is 50% off right now!


I adore my Sperry Sneakers, they pair perfectly with denim! Plus, they slip on easily and will never go out of style. These sneakers are a classic must have.


What I Wear

American Eagle Jeans and T-shirts are basics that never disappoint. Best of all they look and feel good! Try my favorite high-rise denim and super soft T-shirt. High-rise jeans are the way to go, especially if you are on the move a lot. No one wants a glimpse of your crack.


Oh by the way, I took up a new hobby this year!


Psyche! You can breath again…Mom. I found this pack on the ground and picked it up to get it out of my nice photos! Yuck. Smoking would only stain the teeth my parents have so kindly invested money into making nice and straight.

I am actually spending all my time in deep thought like this man on the wall. Obviously, I spend an equal amount of time on dressing well.

What I wear


This Wednesday’s style tip is plan your outfit for your day’s activities. This outfit is perfect for college students. Dark denim jeans instantly make this outfit look “dressier.” The soft T-shirt and button up allow me to move easily yet still look professional. Taking time to dress well makes me feel more confident in class and work. Therefore, I am more likely to excel.

What do you wear on wednesday?

Show me what you wear? I challenge you to take plan a similar outfit to mine because it will help you feel more confident. As a result, you will perform better. Remember, my goal is to build your confidence by sharing my style! Stay classic and B.E. Confident.


Check out the Women Plaid Coat Here! And the banner to the right from Dresshead!

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