What I Wear Wednesday #2

Happy Hump Day! It feels like this week is forever long. This Wednesday feels like a Friday, but at least I can celebrate making it half way through week 3 of my Fall Semester, still dressing well. Out of respect for myself and professors, I always show up to class well put together.

Benefits of Dressing Well

It makes me feel better, and I promise you will too! Plus, dressing well gives a nonverbal message that you care, and you tend to be more approachable, which leads to more opportunities and conversations.


Truthfully, I felt uninspired and unmotivated to put together a stylish look today. Do you ever not have a clue what to wear, despite your closet full of clothes? Me too! Read on for tips on how to decide what to wear when you’re in the midweek slump.

How to Decide What to Wear!

Step 1: Check the weather. This will narrow down your choices, and help you choose an outfit that you’ll be comfortable in. For instance, I do not want to wear my calf hair loafers on a day I will be caught in the rain!


Today, I wanted to embrace Fall and be prepared for the chance of rain. Therefore, I started choosing my outfit from the bottom up. It is important to pick the right shoe with the chance of rain and lots of walking around campus.


I got these Style & Co. ankle boots this weekend! The cognac color in leather is a perfect fall color and rain resistant! Also, the cut is perfect for petite girls. It doesn’t shorten my legs by cutting off my height at my calf, which is what midi boots do.


Step 2: Consider the activities and places you are going. If you’re doing a multitude of things choose items that are easy to move in, fit well, and do not wrinkle.


Next, I decided to wear skimmer pants from White House Black Market! They’re my absolute favorite cut of pant. The color and zipper detail adds so much style to a rather casual pant. These are colored pants done right. Bonus, they look professional, feel great, and are eye-catching.


Here’s a sneak peak at the back end of my blog where I review analytics!


Final step is to accessorize appropriately! Today, I wore minimal jewelry because I knew I would be sorting merchandise at work and studying at my desk. Therefore, I needed to dress for function not glamour.


The denim button up pairs perfectly with my shoes and pants. It goes with my Fall themed look. Plus, denim tops are a classic, All-American fabric that goes with just about everything, like a basic white tee.

Still do not know what to wear?

When in doubt wear dark wash jeans with a tucked in white tee. Add a cardigan if it is chilly! Plus, with jeans you can wear any shoe!

4 thoughts on “What I Wear Wednesday #2

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