On the Go Fashion for the Weekend

As promised here, I’m sharing my on the go fashion tips from my weekend of food, a wedding, adventures, and spontaneity!

Saturday Morning

I woke up early to fog filled skies and chilly temps, which was a deciding factor in my outfit. Choosing what to wear can be difficult. No worries, here are steps to follow when you don’t know what to wear. Knowing the weather would warm up as the day progressed I opted to wear a scarf with a sweater tank and ponte leggings.

Fox in the Snow

First, I visited Fox in the Snow, for a morning pick me up…aka coffee! I love coffee. Coffee and cafes inspire me. In the past, I blogged about the perfect “Coffee ‘Date’ Outfit.”.

Now, I am showing off my Pandora charms, which tell stories, and reflect who I am. My favorite charm is the Shopping Queen! My J.Crew sunglasses are a must! The sun can be blinding when you’re on the go. Plus, sunglasses make an outfit more cool, chic, and stylish.

Saturday Afternoon


After running errands, my best friend (Kajal) and I stopped at arguably our favorite restaurant, to merge fashion and food!


Yes, I styled my outfit in anticipation of the colors in my favorite smoothie bowl, the Rio at Alchemy Juice Bar+Cafe. You’ve got to try it out and let me know what you think.


I am wearing my favorite scarf from Persia. My sister got it for me when she traveled to Israel for work. It is one of my favorite and most special accessories.  I chose to wear it for the warmth and coloration. It goes well with my fuchsia sweater tank and Ponte leggings. Insider tip, these Ponte legging are incredibly comfortable and professional looking. They are designed to be flattering and comfortable like a legging, yet tailored like a pant. I highly recommend them!

Oh my goodness I love smoothie bowls. Just take a look at my happy progression as I take my first bite. In regards to what I am wearing, lets talk about the sweater tank. It is great for in between weather days when it’s not warm and it’s not cold. J.Crew sweater tanks are my favorite because they often have coordinating cardigans!


Here’s a shot of me admiring my smoothie bowl from Alchemy.


Needless to say, I left with satisfied tastebuds and a tummy full of nutrients! Note, the bag I am carrying is from Longchamp, my favorite french accessory brand. The nylon bag is easily washable, which means when you’re on the go you can set it anywhere without a worry. Plus it holds a lot without being bulky.

Saturday Evening

It’s wedding time.


When attending an outdoor wedding wear something thats comfortable and easy to move around in. Consider the fabric too. You may be sitting on hay barrels like I was or eating something messy.  Stay away from fabrics such as silk or chiffon that will snag easily or not wash well.


I am so glad I wore my sunglasses and nude shoes. Wear flats or wedges ladies, unless you’re a pro at walking in stilettos on soft grass. Walking in heels on soft grass doesn’t intimidate me. I wore the shoes that match my dress the best, and they are comfortable. My favorite brand of heels is Chinese Laundry. Check them out!


When picking an outfit for a wedding you’re traveling to pick something that won’t wrinkle. Accessorize lightly for outdoor or casual weddings. Remember you will probably do a lot of moving, grooving, and shaking.


Most importantly, embrace the season. My outfit is inspired by the colors of Fall! Whenever you’re stumped on what to wear just look around you, assess your environment, and wear what makes you feel happy and confident.

On the Go?

Are you on the go all the time? Check out my style tips for busy weekdays. What’s you’re go to outfit when you’re in a pinch? Mine is a dress! If you’re still stumped on how to dress for adventures, events, and work then contact me!


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