What I Wear Wednesday #3

Time Saving Style Tips

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already week 4 of this semester, and this is my 3rd “What I Wear Wednesday” post! Today, I wondered how I was going to find time to post, but I slid right into it and managed to get over the humps and make time. For the sake of fashion, I will sacrifice sleep!

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I am quickly learning this semester to invest in anything that will save me time, which includes good, long-lasting nail polish and multi-functional accessories.


I love these nicer hair ties. This one matched my shirt and sweater perfectly. You never know when you’ll need to throw your hair back , and new hair ties tend to look like jewelry! Also, I get so irritated when my nail polish starts to chip, which happens often. However, Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel polish stays on, saving me time and sanity! Polished nails make me feel more put together and confident. Try it!

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Welcome to the only building I have classes in this semester, the Dauch College of Business and Economics at Ashland University. It’s so nice only being in one building, but the temperature inside is chilly, so I always bring something to layer with.

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Another time saving tip is STEAM ALWAYS! Ditch the iron, and get a small steamer! This morning I knew what I wanted to wear. However, I neglected to pull it out the night before, so the top and shorts were wrinkled. It wasn’t an issue though, thanks to my steamer. It heats up in less than 60 seconds! Within 3 minutes my outfit was steamed, and I was fully dressed.

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Thanks to my time saving steamer, I walked confidently around campus wrinkle free!

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Although it may seem silly, planning your outfit will save you time throughout the day. For instance, I planned to dress for the weather inside and outside, so I didn’t have to run back to my dorm just to get a sweater. Second, I planned my outfit for the potential of rain. Third, my shorts, cardigan, and top are easy to wear and care for! Lastly, I wore comfortable shoes to help me get around campus quickly.

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Do not forget to accessorize. If you are on the go, pick a shorter necklace that won’t get in your way and a bracelet or hair tie that doesn’t slide around. Bangles are fashionable, but they make writing and typing difficult. Hence why I opt for cute hair ties and a short, chunky necklace.

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There’s beauty in everything, including you.

I hope you learned something from my time saving style tips. Let me know which ones work for you. If you’re on the go you may want to read this. Thank you for reading this series, which continually motivates me to make my passion for fashion blogging a priority no matter the chaos brought forth by the week.

What did you wear?

What did you wear this Wednesday? I hope you took time to plan your outfit and feel confident! You’re beautiful and priceless, so treat yourself that way.

One thought on “What I Wear Wednesday #3

  1. Lee Ann says:

    Well, I planned my outfit but it was Capri sweats and a long t-shirt. However in my defense, Jack did spit up on my and we took a walk in the humidity. 🙂

    Lee Ann Moline


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