13 Unique ways to wear a scarf

The #1 most popular accessory for fall and winter is the scarf. It is classic, versatile, and fun. However, wearing the same accessory can become boring IF worn the same way. Check out 13 unique ways to wear scarves to change up your scarf style and have fun!

#1- Simply Draped

This is an easy way to add color and pattern to a simple outfit. Any scarf can be worn like this.


#2- Doubled Up

Wear two complimentary scarves tied differently. If the patterns are different make sure the colors are the same or similar. If the patterns are similar, mix it up with contrasting colors.


#3-Infinity Times Two

Infinity scarves are the easiest to wear, because they style themselves! This one is wrapped around my neck twice.


#4-Hanging Oval

If you like the pattern or colors of an infinity scarf but hate having something so close to your neck, just let it hang long from your neck.


#5- Original Drape

To achieve this classic scarf look, line up the middle of the scarf with the front of your neck. Then cross the ends at the back of your neck and bring them forward across your shoulders. Try to even out the ends. This scarf tying method is a great way to show off a scarf with an exceptional pattern.


#6- Knotted Front

A knot looks cool and helps the scarf stay in place. Again, find the center of the scarf and align it with the front of your neck, crossing the ends behind you and tying in front. You will need to pull the knot through the front loop created.


#7-Long Tie Necklace

Forget the necklace, wear a scarf! I draped the scarf behind my neck then crossed the ends to tie in a loose knot. This is the perfect way to tie a scarf when you need a necklace, but it’s cold too!


#8-Knitted Western

This is a tube style infinity scarf from B.E. Humble. I love the texture created from the knitted yarns. I simply scrunch this scarf up and create a circle to put my head through and let it hang naturally.


#9- Belted

I like to wear silk scarves as belts because they do not add extra bulk and define my waist. Usually I wear a silk scarf as a belt with a dress. Depending on what you are belting, a belted scarf can be tied in the front or the back.


#10- Choker Necklace

That’s right, you can wear a scarf as a choker necklace, using a square scarf. I opt for a scarf that’s 100% silk because it ties better and lays flat. All you have to do is roll the square scarf on a diagonal and wrap around your neck until there’s just enough left on the end to tie a small knot.


#10- French Tie/Ascot

This is the French Woman’s way to tie a scarf. It is similar to a choker, but requires less wrapping and much looser. Simply fold a square, silk scarf on half from corner to corner, creating a triangle and tie nicely to one side of your neck.


#11- Silky Swoop

The picture explains it all!


#12- Wrapped Bracelet

Take another square, silk scarf and roll it on a diagonal. Then wrap it around your wrist like I did for the choker necklace. Finally, tie the ends together. If you do not like the look of the knot, tuck it under the portion of the scarf wrapped around your wrist.


#13- The Shawl

Cozy up with a blanket scarf. Wear it around your shoulders as a shawl! No tying or fuss is needed with this, but you can tie it in front if you want to keep it in place. See the full shawl look here. 

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

My Favorite Scarf Look

Here’s a throwback outfit from Fast Fashion for Fast People. Without even trying I made great use of a basic scarf!


B.E. Styled in Scarves

I hope you discovered a new way to wear your favorite scarf! I bet you didn’t know a scarf is so versatile. Which way do you like to wear your scarves?

I have shown you new ways to wear a scarf as a necklace, choker, belt, bracelet, and shawl. Now, try wearing your favorite scarf in a different way and let me know which new scarf style you like wearing the best.

-Happy scarf tying xoxo

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