Different Ways to Wear a Cardigan


Cardigans are so versatile! I can’t begin to recall all the cardigans I have, yet I get so much use out of each one. They can be worn with shorts and a tank or trousers and a blouse for work. Not only can cardigans be worn with any outfit, for any event, they can be styled in a multitude of ways. Read on to see all the different ways to wear a classic cardigan.


Sometimes the best way is the original way.


Wearing a cardigan like this is a great way to show off a really nice blouse or tank.

Fully Buttoned

Wear a cardigan fully buttoned for a very conservative, professional look.



Really mix things up with this backwards style! Simply button the cardigan and slip over your head…backwards!


Wearing a cardigan reversed creates a blank canvas in the from to accessorize with, yet the back is interesting with the buttons!



Not sure if you will need the extra layer? Forget tying a cardigan around your waist. Add some prep to your look by tying the cardigan’s sleeves around your shoulders.


The preppy look is stylish and a convenient way to carry an extra layer with you just incase it’s chillier than you expect.

Long and Flowy

I love long cardigans. They pair so well with leggings and dresses for a sleek look.


Long cardigans are generally warmer, which is a bonus. Long cardigans are a fantastic way to add great color and pattern to a rather neutral outfit, like the all black one I am wearing.


Layered & Open

Cardigans layer well. Layering is one of the best ways to add interest and style to an outfit.


Layer a patterned shirt under a cardigan and leave it unbuttoned. Be sure to roll up the cardigan’s sleeves and allow the shirt cuff’s underneath to peak through.


Your Turn

Time to make full use of your basic cardigans. Try to achieve all 5 cardigan styles and comment your favorite!

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