Your Go to Guide for Wearing All Black

All Black Outfits

I get asked all the time about wearing all black. Many people wear all black because they find it easy to put together an all black outfit. Others choose to wear all black because they believe it makes them look slimmer or helps them blend into the background. No matter the reasons, there are right and wrongs ways to wear all black.

How to Wear All Black

You have to keep it interesting. Do not leave out any ingredients from my formula How to Style a Complete Outfit! Since black is the only color add interest with pattern, texture, and shine. I’ll show you plenty of examples later on, so your all black outfits aren’t monotone.

Avoid wearing all black because it’s your default for when you feel frumpy. Don’t dress how you feel, dress how you want to feel. My all black style inspiration comes from Victoria Beckham and Rachel Zoe. They dress in all black because it’s classic, powerful, and edgy.

All Black Outfit Ideas

I hit the city with photographer, Lucas Sigurdson, to capture some of my favorite all black outfits.


This all black outfit works because it incorporates all three ingredients for a complete look.


My shorts add interest with the lace pattern and texture, while the gun metal necklace adds brilliant shine. Side note White House | Black Market  has unique jewelry that lasts. Also, all their blacks match perfectly.


It’s important to incorporate unique pieces into all black outfits or else you’ll end up looking like a black mass.


This top has angles, adding great interest and uniqueness. It’s one of my favorite unique finds from the Armani Exchange. The material is the same of that in the tights I am wearing under my shorts to pull the whole look together.


From the one shoulder, bell sleeve, lace shorts, and suede heels with a zipper detail this all black outfit is not so monotone after all.

Replicate this look with a cold shoulder top or statement sleeve blouse, textured pants, and fun black shoes in suede or patent leather for shine. The more black jewelry the better.


Another way to rock an all black outfit is by incorporating structure and layers with a blazer and fancy top.


This tank from Banana Republic incorporates pattern and texture with an eyelet lace, design and fabrication.


The blazer adds fantastic structure and is a great way to wear all black for business. Again, another one of my favorite items from Banana Republic, it is a classic designed to last. I have had it for 3 years! Another reason investing in quality is worth it.


I have to say my favorite thing about all black outfits is the edgy, cool look they provide. The best all black outfits come down to the fit and style of the clothes and accessories.


Try out an all black outfit in a blazer and sunnies on a day you’re feeling down. I assure you, this look will have you feeling ten times more confident resulting in a feeling of empowerment that lets you accomplish amazing things.

Replicate this look with black jewelry, a lace blouse/tank, black blazer, black leggings, black sunnies, and black heeled booties or and type of black pump.


Look closely, this all black outfit has it all! That’s the best part about wearing all back. You can go crazy with multiple patterns, textures, and fabrics. However, the differences are subtle and work together nicely.


Here’s your chance to wear patterned tights. This is a way to stay warm and stylish! Black patterned tights are better than solid tights when wearing an all black outfit because it gives the look dimension and interest. Wearing patterned black tights defines my legs, preventing them from blending in with my skirt and shoes.


Layer up with blacks of different shades, textures, fabrics, and materials. Here I am wearing a cotton black tee, knit scarf, and faux leather skirt. All black, but all different!


I can’t forget to mention that all black outfits are not complete without a bold lip! My favorite lipstick is Maybelline Superstar 24-hour Liquid Lipstick. It literally lasts ALL day through eating and drinking.


Don’t forget about shine by adding black accessories and sunglasses.


I finish off this look with leather Chelsea Boots from J.Crew Factory. The leather boots match the faux leather, skater skirt to give the outfit balance and unity. With many different materials going on in this all black outfit, I made sure to match two materials. I suggest you do the same to unify an outfit.


Replicate this look with a simple black tee, knit scarf, skirt, patterned tights, and black shoes. Find a way to incorporate leather or another type of material besides cotton. Try a suede skirt and shoe instead, if you’re not a fan of leather. Better yet choose velvet, which is super trendy right now.


This is my casual, cozy take on an all black outfit! This picture accurately depicts how much fun Lucas and I had over the weekend to bring you this how to guide! Notice the wide sleeves and fleece fabric sweater.


If you haven’t gathered it already, the best all black outfits are styled with attention to detail. Hence why I love this black sweater from ZARA. The tiny pearls make it more interesting and unique.


My favorite element of this outfit is these Shimmery Loafer from ZARA. These loafers have just the right amount of glitter in them without being childish or obnoxious. I have to tell you, ZARA is kind of my new obsession. They are doing a lot of things right in fashion. If you have not already, check them out.


Replicate this look by shopping at ZARA! Seriously. However, if you won’t shop ZARA you can simply recreate this look with a black sweater, black leggings or jeans, and black loafers. Wear a large pearl necklace and earrings to add interest and choose a loafer with a subtle texture or design. A cute pair of black ballet flats will work too! They’re just not as trendy and sophisticated.


This final all black look is my all black “Power Outfit.” It is chic and edgy like style icons Victoria Beckham and Rachel Zoe.


This all black outfit is the perfect example of how to make a look work with one AMAZING, statement piece. The statement garment here is the long vest from ZARA. I got it in Paris over the summer. Check out my fashionable trip here and here!



Yes, I know these shoes are technically not all black, but man are they fierce! Shoes make me happy. I admit shoes are my vice. These leopard d’Orsay heels are classic. Every girl needs a pair. I also really like this simple, black Anne Klein tote bag. I received it in a gift basket and was shocked at its dollar value. It is very reasonably priced for the quality!



Time to talk about fit. Fit is always more important than color, but especially important when it comes to wearing all black. If you wear ill fitting all black clothes you will mask your shape and look frumpy.


Myth: colors such as black aren’t slimming. It’s the fit, style, design, and construction of a garment that makes it flattering or not flattering on your body.


All black outfits are a fun way to experiment with elements of an outfit besides color. However, if you’d like a guide on how to mix patterns check out How to Mix Patterns.


No matter if you’re in all black or bursting with color, be confident in what you wear and love the skin you’re in. I promise if you dress to impress, even just yourself, you will feel better and more confident.

6 thoughts on “Your Go to Guide for Wearing All Black

  1. mandimargaret says:

    I sooo love this post! I love how you talk about how it’s so much more than wearing black, it’s the texture the fit, everything! All these looks are bomb but my favorite is the skirt and tights 🙂


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