How to Dress for Cold Weather

With temperatures dropping below freezing and snow falling, it’s tempting to leave the house bundled in shapeless sweatpants and hoodies to simply stay warm. It doesn’t have to be that way. You do not need to sacrifice style for warmth. Over the years I have discovered innovative ways to stay warm without adding bulk, while still being fashionable! Read on for my cold weather style tips and tricks to stay in style and warm this winter.

B.E. Stylish & Stay Warm

I am cold 90% of the time, and I hate the cold more than birds that fly south for winter. However, I refuse to compromise my style. Here’s a casual outfit for trudging through snow while running errands or walking across campus to class.


The best part about my style tips for staying warm is they do not add bulk or weight. I hate feeling like a sumo wrestler in my clothes because layering can be so restrictive.


Avoid the sumo wrestler look and feel by investing in a quality, wool sweater. Wool is naturally warm. Plus it withstands bad weather well. Never machine dry your wool sweaters. You must “lay flat to dry!” I actually recommend getting your wool dry cleaned.


Love leggings? Me too! Make fleece lined leggings your first choice. They’re warmer and softer than cotton leggings. I am wearing nude tights underneath too, for even more warmth try these fleece tights! My favorite fleece lined leggings are from Pink.


A good pair of shoes for the winter are hard to come by. Many times they’re warm but ugly or vice versa! My favorite utility, “working” shoes for winter are Sperry Saltwater Duckboots. These boots withstand rain, snow, salt, and keep your feet warm.



This wool scarf adds warmth and compliments the wool sweater wonderfully. Choose one with a pattern and shades of the same color. This adds interest, preventing an outfit from looking drab like winter days. Wool scarves are much warmer than knit or cotton scarves, and they’re super cute.


These gloves are functional, cute, and protect my hands from the cold. They button back, so I can use my fingers to text, grasp things, or whatever I need to do. They can also be mittens and cover up my hand entirely!


No one likes messy, hat hair.  I don’t particularly like how I look in hats either. Therefore, knit headbands are the perfect alternative. Knitwear is fashionable and always on trend. Thankfully this headband keeps my ears and head warm without messing up my hair.


Moving on to the next look without messy hat hair! Believe it or not this is a great outfit to wear to work or a holiday gathering in the winter.


The secret to staying warm in this tweed dress and boots is to wear tights! Not nylons…NUDE DANCE TIGHTS. Of course you can wear black sweater tights, but skin toned tights give you the clean slick look of no tights without the goosebumps.


This is one of my favorite dresses for the season. Tweed is super on trend and great because it’s thick, making it warmer than most other textiles. Wear suede boots to achieve a classic, fashionable outfit! Remember to always spray your suede.


My final secret is to wear a 3/4th length sleeve shirt under a similar dress. You can’t see it, but it will certainly keep you warmer!


Stay warm and on trend in faux fur and velvet. Velvet is back with a vengeance and fur is always a favorite of fashionistas in the winter. Luckily both velvet and fur are warm! I can easily trudge through marshy snow in these Coach rain boots. Little do you know I am also wearing thick cabin socks under them.


This faux fur vest from White House|Black Market is one of my favorite winter pieces. It’s versatile too. I wear it with dresses (above), leggings, and jeans. Get this seasons version here.


Thanks to Hue fleece tights my legs are staying very warm even as I stand out in the cold, winter winds.


I am smiling in the cold air because I am stylishly dressed. Similar to the tweed dress you can wear a long sleeved shirt as well for added warmth.


Obviously, the wind caused more damage and mess to my hair than the headband I wore earlier! By the way, my favorite costume jewelry comes from White House Black Market. They design all their jewelry in house resulting in unique pieces.


In this final look, I make great use of my WHBM jewelry! Actually, besides my shoes and bag everything I am wearing is from WHBM. Why? Well, I work there, love the quality and style, and I believe in the company as a whole!


Typically, I am not a fan of turtlenecks, but the neck on this turtleneck is less restrictive and high. Therefore, I still have a neck and you will too! Turtlenecks are great to layer with and a fantastic way to keep your neck warm when a scarf isn’t an option.


I am a huge fan of sleeveless vests. They’re easy to layer and keep your torso warm. Underneath my skinny jeans are tights again for more warmth!


I absolutely love everything about this outfit and look. First, it’s stylish. Second, it’s warm but not bulky.

Stay Warm, Stay Stylish

After a full morning of photographing with Lucas out in the cold, I did not freeze! This means you can go to your next winter event, work, or simply run errands while looking good and not freezing. Just follow my tips. Let me know what cold weather style tips work best for you in the comments.


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