A Look Inside a Fashionista’s Bag


“Behind every successful woman is a fabulous handbag.”

This quote is so true because successful women are prepared for everything. They know the right bag to carry and what to pile in it to be prepared. A woman of great success and style knows a designer handbag from a mass produced one. Most importantly, she understands the contents of her bag are more important than the designer label. This is where I come in! I am revealing the contents of my bag, so you too can be successful and stylish thanks to a handbag.

Inside My Bag of Style

I carry the following items with me, so I always look my best. My handbag helps me be well prepared.


First, you have to carry the right bag. It’s better to have one amazing, designer bag than 10 cheap bags. I have a few investment bags. I recommend starting off with a mid-range designer handbag such as Kate Spade New York. Do you have a favorite designer handbag? I love to learn about other brands. Your feedback may help me find a new favorite!


This is one of Kate Spade’s classic bags from the Cameron Street Collection. It’s always available, and minor changes are made each season. I am always tempted to buy the new ones.


Here’s an overview of what’s inside my handbags at all times:

  • Kate Spade Wallet: cash, credit card for emergencies, debit card, license, business cards, medical insurance, and various gift cards.
  • iPhone
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Henri Bendel Bow Key chain: car keys, and pepper spray
  • Hair comb or brush
  • Sunglasses: one pair either black, brown, or rainbow!
  • Kate Spade pen
  • Hand lotion
  • 5 gum, I must always have fresh breath.
  • Kate Spade pouch: This carries all my little odds and ends for things like headaches, cuts, or make up mishaps! It keeps everything from tumbling around in the bottom of my beautiful handbag.

A closer look

Now, let’s take a closer look as to why I carry each item, and how each thing serves me well. All these little things are well organized in the Kate Spade pouch (see above picture). It’s a great way to reuse jewelry bags.


I take pride in being clean and a neat freak. However, sometimes I spill or make a mess on myself.


To be safe I ALWAYS have a Tide To Go stick with me. I have 4 total. One in my handbag, backpack, car, and a spare at home. As a fashion blogger and professional stains do not make a good impression. Consider adding a Tide To Go stick in your bag for those oopses! Moms, you’ll love Tide To Go !


Every girl has the thing they won’t leave their house without putting on. Mine happens to be lipstick. What’s yours? Also, I hate dry, chapped lips, so I am sure to carry chapstick inside my little Kate Spade pouch.


There’s something special about lipstick that makes me feel better and more alive! Can anyone else relate? Or am I just crazy?


There’s nothing worse than lipstick coming off on everything and having to constantly reapply it. Hence why I only wear Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Lipstick. I can drink coffee, bite into an apple, and work all day without it rubbing off. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Next inside my Kate Spade pouch are my first aid essentials, Band-aids and ibuprofen.


I am laughing because I held the labels towards me for a solid 5 minutes before realizing that you can’t see what the heck I am holding!


The Band-aids are a must have for any fashionista or successful business woman. Band-aids are a necessity for me because I run around in all types of shoes. Yes, I wear shoes that I know are going to cause a blister or cut because they’re cute, stylish and work perfectly with my outfit. Therefore, I am always well prepared with Band-aids. Occasionally, I need one for a different reason, but if I am being honest…it’s usually because of my shoes!


In my left hand (your right) is a small bottle of essential oil. I get a migraine 1-2 times a week. A lot of times the ibuprofen isn’t enough. Even if you don’t have chronic migraines or pain keep a pain reliever with you, so you don’t have to put your day on hold for unexpected pain! Successful fashionistas don’t let pain slow them down.


Since I am always on the move, I carry perfume with me. Carry a small bottle of perfume, so you always smell nice. Wouldn’t you hate to run into an important person or old friend smelling bad!?


I currently wear Candy by Prada and hope to get Love Relentlessly by Tori Burch soon. Do you have a favorite perfume?


Research shows people are attracted to good smells, and you can be remembered by your scent. Make it a good one.


While wrapping up the shoot, Lucas reminded me I forgot to show off the sunglasses in my sunglass bag!


I always have sunglasses for a few reasons. First, my eyes are really sensitive to light. Second, sunny days and bright lights make my migraines worse.


Lastly, sunglasses take a chic look from fab to fabulous and convey confidence and power to those around you. Sometimes in the business of fashion that’s exactly what a fashionista needs to seal the deal.

Behind the Scenes of B.E. Style

Thanks to my boyfriend and dedicated photographer Lucas. It was so fun shooting at Maddie & Bella Coffee Roasters for a real coffee date this time. We enjoy visiting unique, local coffee shops. Do you have any suggestions of where we should go next?


The photo to the right is a blooper, obviously! I hope it gives you a good laugh and acts as a reminder to never take yourself too seriously.  You can look fabulous and have fun!


Let me know what you added to your handbag from my suggestions. Also PLEASE comment with anything you think I can benefit from adding to my handbag.



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