Balance On-the-Go

Balance On-the-Go

I am constantly on the go, and I love it that way! This means I often do not have time to cook a healthy, fresh meal. I’d rather devote my time to perfect on the go style. Thankfully, there’s Balance Pan-Asian Grille to keep me well fed! It’s fast, fresh, and extremely healthy.


Their mobile app with on-the-go ordering makes it so easy to get what I want! The best part is there are pictures for all menu items including Bowls, Tacos, Snacks, and Bubble Tea.


The app is super user friendly and every item is extremely customizable. The newest item pictured above is the Balance Kids Bowl. Balance does a great job catering to families. They want everyone to have access to fresh, healthy food. There’s something for everyone at Balance from vegans to gluten-free eaters.


My favorite item is the Four Star Bowl (above). I typically order extra vegetables and add kale! The vegetables are always fresh, never over cooked or over seasoned.

Using the app is so beneficial. It saves me time and money! Yes that’s right….MONEY. You can earn great rewards for FREE menu items when you order with the app.


The Balance app allows users to select a pick-up time. This is a feature I often use before  work, so when I get off I go to Balance and my order is ready! No need to wait in line, which is great because I am not patient.


Pick up is easy. They write my name on the bag, and provide me with all the utensils and napkins I need. Within seconds I am back in my car with my fresh meal!


My on-the-go stylish lifestyle wouldn’t be as fresh, easy and healthy without some Balance in my life. I know the right bag to carry , clothes to wear, and eliminates to create a balanced outfit. However, when it comes to a balanced meal on-the-go I rely on Balance. The food is always fresh, delicious, and satisfying.

On-the-go Outfit Details



Do you have the Balance App? What’s your go to on-the-go outfit and meal? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow Balance on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for deals and updates.

Download the Balance App here using Promo Code: 7990

3 thoughts on “Balance On-the-Go

  1. Lauren says:

    This was great! Could you do a “what I eat in a day blog” for someone constantly on the go? Breakfast, lunch, dinner and some quick snack ideas. Thanks.

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