Answers to Your Fashion Questions

Common Fashion Questions

I am frequently asked the same or similar questions regarding fashion. Friends, family, co-workers, social media followers, and even classmates consistently ask for my advice. And I love to provide helpful fashion advice. I am always honest. It’s important to me to only give advice and tips out I use myself.

I will never read, write, or wear what I do not believe in-  B.E. Style Promise


I walk the fashion path of honesty. I pride myself on fashion blogging from the heart. It’s all mine the style, fashion, advice, and feedback. I am here for YOU. See more of the look above here)

Answers to Your Fashion FAQs

How do I decide when to splurge and when to pass? What’s worth investing?

First, consider the Cost Per Wear (CPW). This is determined by the number of times you will wear or use it in a  given time. For instance, spending $300 on a designer purse for everyday is worth the investment. In one year it will only costs you $0.82 a day to carry it.  See why I love Kate Spade Bags here.


  • Is it a timeless, classic that will never go out of style? Like skinny jeans, black stilettos, or a watch. Then YES splurge.
  • Is it a trend and totally different from your style? Like clear shoes, chokers, or statement sleeves? Then DO NOT splurge. You can still get them but shop non-investment pieces at budget stores like Forever 21, Target, or H&M.
  • If it is versatile and can be paired with many other garments or accessories in your closet than it’s worth investing in.
  • High-quality garments and accessories are always worth investing in because they will last! It’s better to buy one good piece less often than cheap items more often. You will actually save money this way.
  • Lastly, if it fits your current lifestyle and complements your style and wardrobe, invest.

Where’s your (Brooke’s) favorite place to shop?

It depends on what I am shopping for and why. I shop at Zara and Express for trendy clothes and Aldo for trendy shoes. I shop at J. Crew, WHBM, and Banana Republic for classics. Finally, I love to shop at Nordstroms, Neiman Marcas, Kate Spade, BCBG, and Longchamp for special items/splurges.

What’s in fashion or on trend right now?

First off what’s in fashion and on trend are different. Fashion is always in style, while a trend comes and goes. Unfortunately, it seems like everything goes nowadays and is “fashionable,” but really it’s just trendy. For example, a black blazer or little black dress is fashionable, for it will never go out of style. In contrast, belt bags, embellished jeans, pearl details, clear shoes, and ultra violet are all trends, for they will be out of style in 1 month to a year. (Check out my favorite article on “The Shoe Trend Everyone Will Own This Spring”)

Can I wear black and brown together?

Absolutely, it’s a natural color combination. For example, leopard (see picture) is a natural black and brown pairing and no one questions if it “goes.” Almost anything can be worn together if styled the right way. Add brown subtly to a black outfit as an accent or vic versa. Avoid wearing them in equal proportions or else your outfit will look drab.

Can I wear white after Labor Day?

Yes, no further explanation needed!

What does “Ready to Wear” mean?

Ready to Wear (RTW) refers to designer clothes that are sold off the rack. They’re made for the general market in mass quantities versus Haute Couture also known as “made-to-measure.” Haute Couture refers to one of a kinds seen on the runway with higher prices and better materials.


Here’s a picture of me posed next to Longchamp’s Ready to Wear Summer 2017. Read more about the difference between RTW and Haute Couture here.

So what’s the point of Haute Couture? Does anybody wear it?

Haute Couture literally means “high sewing,” so only about 2,000 women a year wear it (not counting the runway). Haute Couture is meant to inspire RTW designs, and it does successfully.

How do I dress my body type?


That’s a loaded questions, but it’s easier than you think. First, you have to know your body type. It’s best to have an expert tell you because we typically can’t accurately assess our own body types. I have studied and written a guide on “How to Dress Your Body Type.”

I don’t make body judgements. I make body assessments. Don’t be shy. Ask me for help!

What color shoes should I wear with a navy dress?

When in doubt wear nude shoes! However, black works well too, unless you’re willing to be bold with a pop of color like pink or red. Here’s two of my favorite navy dress and show combos.


What is Fashion Merchandising?

The most amazing career path! Ok, maybe I am bias, but I love it. In short, fashion merchandising allows me to combine my creative and analytical skills. Fashion Merchandising “is the promotion of apparel sales and involves all of the tasks necessary to deliver the clothing requests and meet the needs of potential customers and designers. Fashion merchandising involves developing campaigns, displays and advertisements, directing manufacturing and marketing as well as creating sales strategies for the fashion industry or the retail environment.” The most important thing for a Fashion Merchant to know is who their customer is and everything about them from interests, lifestyle, income, buying habits, job, values, etc.

Other Questions?

Did I miss a question? Leave your questions in the comments below, and I will answer right away. I hope this blog helped answer some of your common, pressing fashion questions.

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