Shoes that Never Go Out of Style

Shoes are literally the foundation of a good outfit. The right shoe always makes me walk with greater confidence and ease. Here’s a look at arguably the most timeless, classic shoe of all time that will never go out of style or fashion, so you better read on and get yourself a pair of…MULES!


Mules are timeless, classic, and versatile.


This shoe is characterized by having no back or constraint around the foot’s heel. The mule has stood the test of time, making a fashionable appearance every decade since the 16th century.


Mules originated as a red shoe worn by Roman senators and higher magistrates. In the 19th century mules became popular as a house slipper! What a fabulous slipper!


It wouldn’t take much to persuade me to wear these Ivanka Trump Mules around the house. I always say the world is much too casual. Actually, I really desire house slippers from Birdie. (Hint Hint)


Honestly, I just adore the classic simplicity of mules. Putting them on feels like I am slipping my foot into a piece of fashion history!



A woman with good shoes is never ugly- Coco Chanel


I am seriously banking on that quote from Chanel. Hence why I invest in so many pairs of shoes! Or at least that’s how I justify 6 new shoes in 4 months. Please tell me someone else has purchased 6 new shoes or more!? Anyone!?!?!?


DSCF9300Now back to details regarding mules! Today, they are a popular classic, yet designers like Gucci and Manolo Blahnik make them trendy by adding elaborate patterns, colors, and appliqués.


Mules can be flat (like these) or heeled, but they never reach sky-high heights. However, designers always remain true to the backless design. Recently, Elle magazine called mules the shoe of 2017.


I wonder what the shoe of 2018 is going to be. Unfortunately, I think “dad sneakers” will reign supreme! I blame Balenciaga!

Personally, I hope mules will remain the shoe of the year. I can’t stop dreaming about them, and I even wore heeled mules with these  pants in The MOST Inexpensive Fashion.


These mules can be worn casually or professionally, and if paired with a dress you can wear them for formal events! What are you waiting for? It is time to get yourself a pair of mules. Once you do, I bet they’ll be your go-to shoe.


Long story short, mules will never go out of style, and they go with many different outfits. Mules are worth investing in because of their timelessness and versatility.  I suggest simple, black mules to start out with like my mules from Ivanka Trump.


Below are suggestions of mules for everyone on any budget!

Mules for every budget

The Designer

Willing to splurge and buy yourself a really special pair of mules? Then these designer mules are for you.


The Investment

If you believe, like me, a good shoe builds the foundation for a perfect outfit then you’re on the right track to purchase mules that will last you a lifetime, but you won’t have to take a loan out for! 😉

Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman $143.50

The Budget Friendly

Ready to make mules your go-to shoe? Then these styles and prices are perfect for you!

The Penny Pincher

Want to test out this MUST-HAVE classic shoe? These cheap mules are perfect for those who want to buy a fun pair or two!

B.E. Style Round Up

Mules are chic and posh. They’re the MOST classic shoe that will make you look like an “it” fashionista in any outfit. No matter the mule, remember…


If you give a girl the right shoes, she can conquer the world-Marilyn Monroe

And conquer the world in beautiful mules I will! Will you? Show me how you wear mules on Instagram, Facebook, and in the comments below.


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