Accepting Self-Promotion & Embracing Passion

The following images and excerpt makes me very vulnerable as I explain my promise to stop fearing self-promotion and others’ reactions to my uncontrollable passion. My words and images are unedited, catching me off guard. However, I love them for capturing me in the moment, letting my true passion for fashion shine.

Written from the Heart

I am filled with so much passion and joy for what I do! Can you believe my genuine happiness results in backlash!? 

I’ve feared “Self-promotion” for far too long worrying my desire to build people’s confidence through my blog and representing MONAT makes me come off as pushy.

Of course I care what people think. Don’t we all!? However, I am realizing that it’s ok to self-promote, it’s ok to bombard people’s news feed with MONAT flash sales and my newest blog post, which I spend days planning and editing. Why? Because “self-promotion,” is the only way to reach the person who has lost confidence in their natural beauty, and all they need is a little attainable fashion and beauty advice to build them back up.

In short, I do this thing called “fashion blogging” because I have witnessed first hand how the right clothes, hair products, or lipstick can transform a woman’s confidence. From “self-promotion” I get paid in bringing joy and enhanced confidence to others, not dollar bills, and it’s the most amazing feeling ever! 


Someone once told me…I can’t just smile. It’s too vanilla. (aka boring)

Here’s to no longer apologizing for my uncontrollable passion. I hope it’s contagious. 

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Jess Keys from the The Golden Girl Blog. Her article “How to Overcome your fear of Self-promotion” on Blogging for Keeps is what initiated this journey to tackle my fear.


2 thoughts on “Accepting Self-Promotion & Embracing Passion

  1. Haley Ivers says:

    I love this post! With our career path, we have to self promote. Especially on Insta with the whole algorithm hiding us and what not. We’re trying to be leaders, boss babes, teachers, and the list goes on and on. It’s important we know how to get our message out!

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