Style Challenge: Week #2

Style Challenge Recap: Week 1

Last week I challenged myself and you to wear ALL types of accessories each day of the week from Monday-Friday. The challenge was to wear accessories on your neck, wrist(s), ears, finger(s), and head if possible each day. Here’s how I completed the challenge and what I discovered.



Mixing and matching medals is completely acceptable and on trend. Truthfully, matching  your jewelry and wearing jewelry sets is a dated fashion. All the pieces coordinate and compliment each other through color or medal type.


Excuse the fact I have to resort to selfies and mirror photos! But it’s either that or nothing while I am away in Florida for my internship!


The colors and patterns of this dress inspired my jewelry choices. The necklace has the same colors and brings out the geometric patterns with the different gems. I had to wear a watch to keep track of time during Monday meetings.


Sticking to silvers and pinks on Tuesday. I actually wear the ring pictured everyday. I never take it off unless I am getting it cleaned at the jeweler.


I like Pandora bracelets because the charms are eloquent and conversational. Charms are a great way to remember special moments, places, or things you like.


Many of you know I love a great white t-shirt, and it was the perfect shirt to wear with these comfy pants and adorable floral heels, which I am low key obsessed with. Normally, I would wear a statement necklace with a white t-shirt and forget the rest, but thanks to this challenge I have a complete look.


A pearl story! I wore all pearls on Wednesday, including a one of a kind, specially designed pearl necklace given to me as a 21st birthday gift from my “Aunt” Michele. She had it designed and made by her jeweler in New York. Super cool right!?

It doesn’t get more classic than pearls. This pearl story is a prime example of how mixing fine and costume jewelry makes everything look more expensive. My necklace is fine jewelry and a real cultured pearl, but the bracelets and earrings I am wearing are VERY inexpensive.


Accessorizing with pearls takes this outfit from casual to chic. It makes it more classic and dressier, resulting in a work appropriate outfit.


I went back to accessorizing my wrists with a watch. Going without one is incredibly hard at work. It’s extremely rude to pull out your phone, even if it is to simply check the time during meetings!


Thursday’s jewelry choice was inspired by my desire to wear leopard print shoes! To compliment the natural colors found in leopard, I chose to accessorize in black, brown, and gold tones.


Looking back at this outfit I realize I am wearing head to toe White House|Black Market. I guess it’s a very internship appropriate outfit then right?


I am obsessed with the skimmer jeans and soft, black tees from WHBM and of course these D’Orsay leopard print heels.


Finally, the weekend! Truthfully when you love your job, Fridays are bitter-sweet.


Again, I combine fine and costume jewelry to accessorize! Most people do not recognize quality jewelry, so don’t get discouraged or feel embarrassed if you’re still wearing jewelry from Claire’s! Ok, maybe not Claire’s since you probably shopped their in middle school, but you get the point.


Sorry I don’t have a full length photo, but I am wearing a tank dress with a J.Crew blazer. The jewelry inspired this outfit because I knew I wanted to wear the blue statement necklace and silver Tiffany’s bracelet.


Challenging myself to wear more jewelry and accessories than I usually do inspired new outfits! It pushed me to wear different clothes together as I typically chose my accessories first in order to complete the challenge. I also realized how helpful and important wearing a watch is for me. I never thought I’d have a use for an Apple Watch until now! Besides wearing a watch on my wrist, all other wrist wear just gets in the way! From typing, writing, and sorting through racks of clothes, bracelets aren’t practical for my work wardrobe and outfits each day.

So what did you like or learn from this challenge? Did you discover a new love for a particular accessory? Or maybe you you noticed more people complimenting you? Most importantly I hope the challenge made you feel inspired and motivated to give yourself the time you deserve to dazzle and shine!

Style Challenge: Week 2

Starting Monday, June 18th I challenge you to wear a different pattern everyday! That equates to 5 different patterns. Seem impossible and like there aren’t that many patterns? Think again  here are some ideas.

  • Solids
  • Stripes
  • Polk-a-dots
  • Gingham
  • Argyle
  • Paisley
  • Florals
  • Chevron
  • Camo
  • Tie-Dye
  • Animal Prints
  • Geometic designs
  • Other Brand Designed Prints

Wondering How to Mix Patterns? Check out the linked post above!

Good luck! I can’t wait to see what patterns you wear, and I am excited for the challenge too


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