Style Challenge: Week 3

Hello friend! Welcome back and thanks for staying tuned to B.E. Style fashion. I hope you’re taking part in the style challenges. It’s never too late to develop style, join the fun and learn how to make the most out of the wardrobe you already have!Style Challenge Recap: Week 2

I re-capped Style Challenge: Week #2 and presented this week’s style challenge to wear a different pattern each day of the week from Monday to Friday! I timidly approached the challenge, very unsure of how I would achieve it! However, it helped me realize how many different patterns I do have, that I do not wear enough.


I started off Monday taking in the colorfully patterned sunrise, enthusiastic about the week ahead. Mondays mornings are my favorite! It marks the beginning of a week to make better than the one before it.

In my case I want to perform better in my internship and complete this style challenge better than the last one.

Mondays at work are full of high-level meetings, so it’s essential to dress more business professional than any other day of the week. Hence why I am wearing my best fitting Banana Republic blazer.

I hardly ever wear this baby doll style dress, and I don’t know why I do not wear it more often! The pattern on the bottom is paisley and the rest is a unique design. It’s easy to wear, and I love it with black wedges.


Solids with a little sparkle! Yes solids are a pattern. Just like white is a color.

After I was at work for a few hours I realized my shirt, top and jewelry all came from WHBM! Of course I am wearing a watch because whenever I don’t I regret it immensely.

In order to make solids less boring, mix it up with unique color combos and finishes. Metallic pink on a navy shirt with maroon pants isn’t expected, but it works right?


I’m sure there’s a fancy or technical name for the patterned shawl I’m wearing, but I don’t know it. I also don’t know the brand!

I got the shawl from the Chico’s FAS company store under the unbranded items that were purchased as inspiration at some point! The company store is like a thrift store of used samples or old designs from Soma, WHBM, and Chico’s.

The patterned shawl is great for the office where it’s always incredibly cold. I paired it with a LBD and heeled mules. I love details! Can you spot the details in this outfit? Well, I used last week’s challenge as inspo to match my pearl necklace and earrings to the pearls on the heels of my shoes.

You may think why go to all this trouble!? No one will notice. Truthfully it’s just for myself. It makes me feel good. Remember, fashion is about how you feel.


Not only am I consistently wearing a different pattern each day, I’m also wearing mostly dresses/skirts. Promise that was an accident.

Throwback Thursday in classic stripes! Blue and white stripes are found a lot in resortwear and business clothes. Think about it… what design is typically on a beach chair?

This midi skit WITH pockets is timeless and one of those pieces I never tire of.

If you don’t already, get yourself a few clothes with blue and white stripes. They’re very classic and incredibly easy to style. Fun fact, they’re also known as “banker stripes.”


What a long week! I don’t say this because I didn’t enjoy the work of my internship. For some reason everyone in my area of work was feeling two days ahead of the weekly grind!

I decided to end this week’s style challenge by over achieving. I’m wearing two different patterns!

Which two you ask? Let me explain! The shoes are a great floral. Now this skirt from WHBM is a chambray skirt with a dotted swiss pattern and eyelet trim. Again, I appreciate details in clothes.

b.e. Heard

I genuinely love hearing what you think. The greatest part about fashion blogging is getting to share what I love and discover works to make me feel better. How’s the style challenge going for you? Maybe you’re just trying to figure out how to walk in heels or tie your shoes. No mater where you are in your style journey I’m here to help and encourage.

Style Challenge: Week 3

The first week was all about accessorizing and last week about patterns. What’s next!?

I want to take confidence to new heights. Literally! This week’s Style Challenge is to wear heels everyday! I know what you’re thinking… but you can do it!

Psychologically wearing heels does amazing things for your confidence. Plus, there’s a lot of research out there that shows women in heels are respected more and more successful. Pretty cool right?

We can do this ladies! Put on your favorite heels and walk the week in confidence. I am super excited, and I can’t wait to see and hear about your experience with this challenge.

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