Style Challenge: Week 4

Hello! If you’re new welcome to my Style Challenge series started here! I hope you’re returning and ready for the 4th week, but first let’s recap this week (week 3). How did taking your confidence to new heights go!?

Week 3: Recap

This week’s Style Challenge was to wear heels everyday!


Monday’s are all business with high-level meetings at White House|Black Market HQ, so wearing heels naturally works and fit into my day!

I love to style an outfit around shoes making them the statement piece and focal point.

I get so many compliments on these eye catching heels! This Monday was no different. I have worn them with many different outfits. At first glance they look like purple floral shoes, but there’s pink, blue, white and lilac in them! Making them coordinate with anything!

Ironically these are also from WHBM. I got them last summer during my time as a Sales Associate. I truly miss working retail! You probably think I’m crazy. I love styling women!


I adore this flamingo shirt! I’ve had it for ages. I think it kind of screams Floridian, don’t you?

I must admit I didn’t wear these heels all day. Mostly because I didn’t want to be slowed down. I knew I’d be running samples around the Chico’s FAS campus.

I still took a strong stance in heels for a little while. Wearing flats for part of the day did make me feel less confident and “powerful.” Yeah my theory is right!!! Did you feel this way at all throughout the week?

Some people find wearing heels hard or uncomfortable. To that I say… you’re giving up too soon and you’ve got to put gel inserts in all your shoes! I also always carry band-aids with me.


Yeah so taking photos in the morning isn’t the thing I look forward to most. So sorry these are getting more and more awkward looking. Oops. But the point is to show me in reality doing the challenge! Not perfect!

Honestly, this is my favorite outfit of the week! I also wore a blush colored sweater with it at the office. It matches the blush of these mules perfectly, which made me SO happy. #littlevictories

By the way, slip on mules with a heel are considered a shoe basic all women should have. Recently, my favorite fashion publication highlighted them here.

You can learn more about them from one of my most popular blog posts about SHEIN. The online store with the cheapest fashion!


Wow, the week is coming to a close! So I’m going to level set with you real quick.

My motivation to wear heels or even dress nice is NOT always on point. Today, I had 0 motivation to put together a creative, show stopping outfit. However, the heels made me feel all together better about my outfit.

I adore these low, block heel sandals from J. Crew! They’re comfy and easy to get around in. Now that I think about it, they kind of remind me of little girls’ dress up heels! Like training heels.

overall, I noticed the little height from the heels made me feel better about the outfit I didn’t give much thought into.


Friday! Am I right? Wow, talk about being exhausted. I still wore heels even though I had a half day at work.

Actually, I went to see Incredibles 2 after work and while crossing the street a woman yelled at me from her car. She startled me but said, “You look so chic. You just don’t see that nowadays!” I thanked her and nodded in agreement.

I tell you that story not to gloat, but show non-verbal cues are sent through clothes. This woman instantly had more respect for me simply because I cared about presenting myself in the best and most appropriate way possible. Plus, she noticed me, so I didn’t get hit crossing the street!!!

Challenge takeaway

Alright ladies, do I have you convinced that wearing heels is important, empowering, and a confidence enhancer? Be honest with me. I encourage you to share your experience good or bad. Now are you ready for week 5?

style challenge 5

This week’s challenge is to accept compliments graciously without denial and to give them out generously! Sound simple eh? I beg to differ. I’ve yet to meet someone who is good at accepting a compliment. It seems to be even harder when it regards appearance. Women especially are incredibly guilty of not accepting compliments and refuting them too! This saddens and frustrates me

for three reasons. First, as the Complimenter it de-values their opinion and observation. Second, it reveals women do not recognize their amazing features worth complimenting. Lastly, it shows that we’re nurtured to disregard compliments in order to avoid coming off as arrogant.

In short, this week be proud and intentional about giving people a reason to compliment you! Maybe through your outfit or kind actions and most important ACCEPT COMPLIMENTS GRACIOUSLY. Next, try to compliment someone’s outfit/appearance everyday this week. Be purposeful and intentional. Don’t just compliment someone for the sake of it.

Take Action

Let’s empower each other to accept compliments and give them out freely this week!

6 thoughts on “Style Challenge: Week 4

  1. says:

    Nice job. Who’s taking your pictures?

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  2. tobeadultish says:

    I love these outfit ideas. I stray away from heels as, like you, I don’t want to be slowed down… But I really love that “heels” doesn’t mean stilettos. Maybe I will buy some new shoes in the sake of this experiment. Also, thanks again for the outfit inspo!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. LifeStyleChanges says:

    I LOVE heels! Being 5’2, I must say I feel more confident and powerful in slightly higher heels. But I’ve recently purchased 2 pairs of shorter heels to rock this summer & It’s amazing! I love your choice & style of shoes.

    Liked by 1 person

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