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Sand in my hands, savings in my pockets.


I am so excited to share 3 apps that have actually saved me money and been worth using for the past 5 weeks. It’s important to develop good shopping and saving habits at a young age. I have always been a saver and investor. Investing in my first stock at age 12 with my own money. Since moving to Florida my cost of living has gone up, but my income has not, which is to be expected when you take an internship. Therefore, I needed to plan accordingly, which led me to discover 3 apps that are worth downloading and using to save money on groceries and also get money back for shopping online or with other mobile apps.

The 3 Best Apps to Save $$$

It was not without trial and error that I discovered which of the MANY shopping apps are worth it. Many are hard to use or not conducive for what I buy and where I shop. After only 5 weeks of using the apps below I have received $50 cash back and redeemed a gift card at Walmart and Target simply for shopping normally and scanning my receipts.


1. ibotta 

This app is my favorite, with the largest pay back. Since my first scan at Target on June 4th I have earned $50 CASH back. I have not changed my shopping habits or food preferences either. I shop for only what I want and need.


How it Works

The app shows you grocery stores and online retailers with offers near you. You can save the deals, so you do not forget what they are when you’re shopping. However, you do not have to save them. After a shopping trip scan your paper receipt and the app will give you cash back for matched offers. Not every item is eligible for cash back.

  • Earn cash back almost everywhere! I even earned cash back for shopping HOT Summer Sales online at Aerie.
  • Earn % cash back at Amazon and other online retailers
  • Almost all grocery and convenience stores including gas stations have cash back offers.


To get the most out of the app browse offers prior to shopping. For example, I always buy yogurt! Sometimes Fage yogurt is an offer with cash back, so I get that. Other weeks it is not, so I opt for the yogurt brand that is a deal! Make sense? I know with food it can be a little harder since many of us our brand loyal/picky. Don’t worry there are “generic” rewards such as “Any protein bar” get $0.75 back or my favorite “Any Target Receipt” get $0.25 back!

Try It Out!

Download ibotta here, and be sure to use my referral code vvgtlor for a cash bonus when you sign up at

2. FetchRewards

This app is more simple, and great for those of you that just want to scan. However, it does not have as great a payout as ibotta. A plus is you will always get 25 points no matter where the receipt is from or where you shopped! This includes gas!

I say it’s not as good, but that’s just me! If I had a family to buy for and larger meals to prepare I would probably get more rewards. Note: this app rewards you with gift cards, and you get to choose where to.

Try It Out!

Download FetchRewards here, and be sure to use my referral code MQ1TC for 2,000 points when you simply scan your first receipt.

3. Shopkick

This one is super fun to use and great for those who want to discover new products! I used it a lot my first couple weeks because it was really fun to use! You do not even have to spend money to earn. I have received a $5 Walmart gift card and a $10 Target gift card since my first scan.

How It Works

There are 3 ways to earn. 1) you get rewards (which the app calls kicks) for walking into a store. 2) Then the app suggestions products to scan based on the store you are in. Once you find the item scan and get kicks! You do NOT have to buy it. 3) Get A LOT of kicks for scanning a receipt indicating you purchased one of the items in step 2.


The first time I used the app I earned over 500 kicks and didn’t spend a dime. I know I am a nerd, but it was fun to be led around the store to products. I felt like I was a kid again on a scavenger hunt.

Try It Out!

Download Shopkick here. Be sure to use my referral code BLUE317813, so we can both get a bonus reward for a gift card.

Start Saving

I hope you found this Shop & Save post helpful, and if so do me and those you care about and share it on social media. If you start using any or all of the apps above let me know in the comments below or via the contact form on my blog. Now get to scanning those receipts and start saving!

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