On the Lips: My favorite sticks, glosses, and balms

On the lips

Every girl has that one cosmetic they won’t leave the house without putting on. Well, there’s no denying lipstick is my cosmetic of choice. Something about a bold lip color makes me feel more put together and confident.


I wear something on my lips everyday. Therefore, I am very particular about what I wear on them. I have tried many different lipsticks and glosses over 6+ years, discovering what works and does not! Here’s a snapshot of all my favorites, but read on as I go into detail about the differences and benefits of each brand.


Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour Lipstick

This is technically a liquid lipstick, and it’s the lipstick I have been using the longest. As you can see I have a few colors. I prefer darker colors. However, I notice in the winter, due to my lighter skin tone, I look better in blush or nude shades.


I do not wear traditional lipsticks. Traditional lipsticks smudge and rub off quickly. My rule of thumb when selecting lipstick is it must be long-lasting. I do not want to reapply or see my lip color on an apple I bite into. Hence, why Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour Lipstick is perfect. I kid you not, it literally lasts me from morning to night.


Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour Lipstick  does not clump or dry out my lips like most long-lasting lipsticks. I get 1-2 compliments a week on my lip color, and I make a point to mention how amazing the Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour Lipstick is. There is a color for everyone and at $7-$8, Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour Lipstick is much more affordable the Kylie Jenner’s long-lasting lipstick at $18.


It’s also easy to apply and works in two steps. Step 1, apply the color and wait for it to dry, which does not take more than 60 seconds. Step 2, apply the clear gloss! This is hands down my favorite long-lasting lipstick brand, and my number one recommendation for you.

Revlon Colorstay Lipstick

I recently discovered Revlon’s version of Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour Lipstick when I was looking for a bright purplish, pink lip color. Maybelline was incredibly picked over.


I am actually happy Maybelline didn’t have what I was looking for because I would not have discovered Revlon’s Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor. It works just like Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour Lipstick, and I like how it goes on better. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to find in stores. Note, it claims to last 16 hours. I never really count the hours, but I can attest to the factRevlon’s Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor lasts as long as the Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour Lipstick. 

Wet N Wild MegaLast Lipstick

The other liquid lipstick pictured above is another long-lasting lipstick that I stumbled upon. I was drawn to the color. It’s the perfect go-to neutral color for any outfit and season. The color is Rebel Rose in the MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick from Wet N’ Wild. What I really like about this too is it’s a matte lipstick.


Victoria Secret Velvet Matte Lip Stain

I love and hate the lip stain from Victoria Secret. Confusing right? I love the matte look and that it provides even, full coverage. On the other hand, I hate how thick it is! Plus it dries out my lips. Oh and to top it all off it rubs off easily and smudges, so unless you want to leave a mark on everything your lips touch, this is not for you. However, I do like wearing the Velvet Matte Lip Stain when I am just going out and want a nice bold lip. But forget eating or drinking with with this lip color!

Rimmel Provocolips Lip Color

I can’t tell you why I got this, but I do like the color. Rimmel’s long-lasting lipstick is just ok. It’s not my first choice, but not a bad option. Sometimes it feels thick or heavy.

Mirabella Lip Gloss

Truthfully, I am not a fan of lip gloss, but this pack of 3 colors was given to me as a gift. It’s the only lip gloss I use. It is not super sticky like most glosses, and it stays on well.

Hydration On the Lips


Are you sick of me talking about the importance of hydration!? I mentioned it being a vital part of my skin and hair health in Swimming in a Sea of New Products,and I share my favorite hydrating hair products on my special Facebook page, which you can join here. The point is your lips like your body with water, skin with lotion, and hair with masques needs to be hydrated!


I have been using Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream practically since birth. Believe it or not my dad has used it long before  marrying my mom. It’s a miracle lip protectant, and like medical grade! (No, that’s not proven, but I just need you do understand this is not like a normal chapstick!)  In addition to that, I typically carry Burt’s Bee’s Chapstick with me in my purse! Be picky when choosing chapsticks, many of them are formulated to dry out your lips, so you buy more!

B.E. Lips!

Here’s a fun collage of some past photos where I am sporting a different color lipstick. I told you I am always wearing it, yet I challenge you to find a photo of me where I am not wearing lipstick. Goodluck!


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