Achieve fresh 3 Day No-wash Hair from the beach

Yes, that’s right. I’m modeling 3 day old beach hair. It hasn’t been washed with anything…but saltwater. I just freshened it up with 2 products. Also, sporting my new one-piece from Aerie’s Sale.

I am embarrassingly showing off the negatives of a new swimsuit with my terrible bikini bottom tan line. Oh well! Florida blesses me with many opportunities to go to the beach. This has led me to discover how to keep my hair clean and fresh without over washing.

Fresh Hair Secret

It starts with a quality wash. Last year no matter the amount of dry shampoo I couldn’t have hair like this. Why because I was using run of the mill shampoo and conditioner such as Herbel Essence or Dove.

Now, I am washing exclusively with MONAT shampoo and conditioner. This line of hair care products have improved my hair’s health and the longevity I get from each wash.

MONAT products reduce my time getting ready each morning doing my hair as well as saving me money on re-buying products. I’m using the same bottles of shampoo and conditioner since January! Quality over quantity will always reign supreme.

How to Freshen Up your hair

If you’re not ready to swop out your drugstore shampoo and conditioner, no worries! The Champ Conditioning Dry Shampoo and a comb are all you need.

Simply spray The Champ into your roots and for extra volume tease with a fine comb.

It’s really that simple. You can see the fresh hair above! A great thing about this dry shampoo is it CONDITIONS too. It may be “dry” but the conditioning element helps restore lost moisture from sun and water exposure. So how did I get my hair to dry so nicely without kinks after hours in saltwater?

Air Dry Cream

A rub of Air Dry Cream into my wet hair helps it dry neatly with great shine.

The Air Dry Cream makes me and my hair very happy. It’s good for all hair types giving your hair a break from hot tools while still providing incredible style, shine and softness for an irresistible touch.

Prior to using the Air Dry Cream I NEVER wanted to touch my natural, air dried hair. Yuck! It was so stringy and brittle. Can anyone relate? It’s a terrible feeling and look.

Achieve B.E. Fresh Hair

Looking for more tips and tricks on how to style your hair or unsure about what products are good for your hair health? Check out my Instagram page @be_autiful_health and join my facebook group Healthy Hair Helpfulness. You can also shop the products in this post here.

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Discover the best products for you with this hair quiz.

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