My Go-to Summer Pants

Today’s post is super short! I’ve been wanting to share my favorite pants to wear this Spring and Summer, and I am sorry it’s late into the season. However, these pants can transition into Fall too.


These linen drawstring pants from J.Crew Factory are my default pant to wear for many reasons. I wish I would have bought more of them. I literally just checked, and they’re sold out of all but one size in each color.  You can find a similar pair here.

Why I Wear & Love

  1. Lightweight & Flowy: The linen/cotton blended fabric makes them perfect for hot days at work. Most professions do not allow workers to wear shorts, so these are a “cool” alternative!
  2. Comfortable & Easy to Wear: This is due to the fabric, elastic drawstring waistband and leg shape. These pants sit loosely on my body making it easy to move, which is incredibly important in my role as an intern. Another bonus is they do not wrinkle!


3. Extremely Versatile: These pants are versatile because they can be dressed up or down and worn for many different activities or occasions. I can wear these pants with a tank, tee, sweater, or jacket ranging in casual to professional. Plus, I have yet to find a shoe that does NOT go with these pants. I’ve wear with heels, flats, sneakers, and flips-flops.


4. Pockets!: Need I say more? You know I love pockets because they make pants functional and fashionable. I find it incredibly convenient to have a place to keep my work ID, pens, notes, and phone.


5. Affordable: You may find this to be the number one reason to buy these pants. I can honestly tell you if they were double the price I would still buy them. My cost per wear on these pants is incredibly low. J.Crew Factory satisfies my expensive, refined taste and my super skinny wallet. haha


I am incredibly happy with these pants, and if you want to see more ways I wear them follow me on IG @be_moline. I challenge you to spot me wearing them in a future IG Story.


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