Sip on New Drinks: A Tasty Review

B.E. Thirsty for Something New

Hello friends! Are you ready to journey through a variety of new drinks from bold brews and nourishing juices? If so this is the blog for you. Over the past few weeks I have challenged myself to try 1-2 new drinks that catch my eye during my grocery shops! Sometimes I choose based on what I am craving, but typically it’s the packaging that lures me in. Another reason I decided to try many of these is because they were listed on my favorite Shop & Save apps!


Whether it’s from a coffee shop or the grocery aisle, I am always up for trying new types of coffee. I have a pretty refined taste for coffee, so no I do not like Starbucks or consider it “real” coffee. However, I do like their Iced Coffee found in the refrigerator aisle. I blend it with ice and Quest protein powder in the mornings to satisfy my caffeine and protein craving.

Starbucks Iced Coffee

High Brew Cold Brew is to date the best cold brew I have had. I tried the regular and caramel. Both are equally good to me, and it just depends on if I want any sweetness which one I choose. It’s a smooth cold brew. I typically stay away from cold brews because they are overly acidic but this one is not! I highly recommend this for coffee enthusiasts.



I searched high and low, or more like several Walmarts, before finding this new cold brew creation from Maxwell. I discovered it on one of the Shop & Save apps I use to save money on groceries. Calling it a cold brew does not seem entirely accurate. It tastes more like an iced coffee.


It’s very creamy but has no dairy, so that’s a plus for some. I do not have a dairy intolerance or allergy, so it doesn’t matter to me. However, the creaminess is impressive. I am a sucker for anything caramel flavored, which is why I chose this one. I could careless about the “antioxidants.” The coffee flavor is present, but not too strong making this the perfect grab-n-go coffee for those who aren’t coffee “purists.” It’s also not too sweet like Starbucks bottled Frappuccinos.


This water is black, but it’s not dirty! Blk Water is fortified with fulvic acid. Two women created this water with a formula they developed to relieve their ill mother’s pain and extreme stiffness due to a rare disease.


I gravitated to it because of the unique color! There are different flavors, and I tried the Apple Grape Sage Blk Water for “FOCUS.” The flavor was stronger than expected. Most flavored waters have a weak taste. I particularly did not care for the taste, but that’s my fault for choosing something with grape. I love grapes but strongly dislike grape fake grape flavor.

Sparkling Ice Water


Many of you probably love Sparkling Ice already. When Sparkling Ice first came out a few years ago I HATED it. I have not had one since. Recently, I thought I would give Sparkling Ice another try because the watermelon flavor enticed me. Wow, was I surprised. My smiling face and pleased taste buds prove that your taste preferences change overtime. I really like them now, and I hope this encourages you to try things you SWEAR you don’t like. Things can change in time.


Are there any foods or taste preferences that have changed for you over the years? If so, I’d love to hear about them in the comments! It can be food/drinks you once hated and now love or vic versa!

Homemade Watermelon Water

Apparently, I am on a watermelon kick. I’ve always loved watermelon, but lately I am gravitating to anything and everything watermelon. Unfortunately, watermelon waters and drinks are really expensive. Also, true watermelon flavor is hard to achieve without tasting extremely sweet and artificial.


One evening while cutting a watermelon, trying to contain all the running juice, it dawned on me…why am I not saving the juice!? Not only is it delicious, fresh and pure, but it’s a way to be more frugal and use every part of the watermelon like the pioneers! haha.


I used a melon baller to get the “flesh” of the watermelon out. As the juice built up I poured it into sealable bottles. I filled up 2 water bottles with the delicious watermelon juice. My oh my is it the most amazing liquid I have ever had. You have to try it and let me know what you think.

Simply Balanced Sparkling Water (Target)

Another watermelon flavored drink! This one, however, is highly disappointing. I truly think it’s the nastiest water I’ve ever had. The flavor is non-existent and almost tastes stale.


If you’re typically a fan of carbonation then you may like this. The only carbonated drink I’ve come to enjoy is the Sparkling Ice water.

Karma Water

Welcome to the generation of millennials where everything has to be entertaining or interactive. This Karma claims to have digestive health benefits and lots of vitamins, but let’s be real…people are buying it because of the peel and push cap! You can see how it works here.

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 9.10.55 PM

Did I like the taste? I give it a 3/5. Was it fun to peel, push, shake and transform my water? Absolutely! However, I am pretty sure it did not improve my digestive health, but you never know! One can only hope.


I gave the Karma “Fitness Accelerator” a try too, and shared a very funny/awkward video of me demonstrating how it works on my IG Story.  Once you peel, press and shake the flavor beads from the cap, the water changes color. Overall, the flavor is pretty weak. I said in my IG Story review that it “tastes like a cheap popsicle.”


I am not a big juice fan, and I am 100% opposed to juice cleanses! I wont go into it , but those are SO BAD AND DANGEROUS. (A post for another blog) haha. I do enjoy smoothies and smoothie based grab-n-go drinks.


Bolthouse is one of my favorite beverage brands, so of course I had to try their new product line “B Balanced.”

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 8.44.29 PM.png

It’s lower in sugar. (Note, sugar is NOT bad. It’s essential to life). Simply, I was hoping the lower sugar would make it less sweet. Call me crazy, but I do not like sweets. I prefer salty snacks and have a really high tolerance for sour! I can eat whole lemons without puckering. I’ve only tried the Sweet Green. It has a strong lemon, citrus flavor. Honestly, I was hoping it would taste more “green,”  like fruity grass ;).

B.E. Thirsty & Curious

Always b.e. curious. Push yourself to discover new things big and small like drinks, countries, or fashion trends. No matter what never stop exploring and expanding your mind…or tastebuds in this case. So, what are you thirsty for?



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