Travel Essentials


Throughout my life I have been really fortunate to travel places near and far on plane, car, boat, and foot. No matter the destination or mode of transportation there are things I always travel with to one make the process easier or two keep me prepared! As I share my travel essentials, you can expect to get ideas on how to travel light(er) and more comfortably.

B.E. Prepared in Air

Flying is a common mode of transportation and likely the most popular for long-distance travel. I fly for convenience, but I bet you’d be surprised to learn I have a HUGE, almost irrational fear of flying. However, I suck it up because exploring this beautiful world is more important. To ease my anxiety, I pack my bag(s) and dress myself appropriately!


Luggage & Carry Ons

Navigating the airport is tricky, cumbersome, and unnatural. Having a lightweight bag that maneuvers easily is a lifesaver and arguably the MOST IMPORTANT travel essential. I travel with AWAY luggage. My favorite features are the ejectable battery charger, TSA-approved lock, 360 degree wheels, and hidden laundry bag.

As for my carry-on or personal bag I take a backpack or crossbody bag. The backpack and crossbody are easy to keep on and do not slip off like a shoulder bag. Plus, both are more secure and conducive to allowing me to grab things I need quickly while going through TSA like my passport or boarding ticket. Notice I have a custom Kate Spade passport wallet. Why? Mostly because I just like it! However, it does help me identify my passport when digging in my bag.


B.E. Comfortable in flight

In order to be comfortable in the airport and during the flight I bring a refillable water bottle. Water is stupid expensive and dehydration is common when traveling. A neck pillow and sleeping eye mask are a must for long flights since lights are always on! I really needed these two things on my flight to Paris.

Long flights can be incredibly boring, especially if you’re like me and can’t sleep while flying. Thankfully most flights provide a personal TV for each traveler. However, DO NOT FORGET TO BRING HEADPHONES; the ones with the original plug-in too, not Apple’s new flat ended headphones! I don’t rely on movies and naps to get me through, so I bring a book My favorite types to read are business and entrepreneurial books that help better myself as a young professional. My favorite is “Women Who Work” by Ivanka Trump.

What to wear

Temperature is unpredictable when you’re traveling via public transportation. Or in my case even when driving with my family members who freeze me out with AC. Therefore, the most important thing for me to wear and bring is a throw on sweater paired back to a nice tee that looks good without the sweater too.


Wearing bottoms with pockets is a must! I opt for high-waist leggings with pockets because they are functional, comfortable and sleek. Invest in a quality pair made of spandex instead of cotton. Cotton will show wear and fade much faster. Lastly, I always wear shoes I can slip on and off to make going through TSA easier. Some people prefer flats over sandals as shown above because they can wear cut-off socks with them and avoid walking around barefoot in the security area.

Essentials to pack-Always


Inside my AWAY luggage you will always find an easy-to-wear dress with pockets that does not wrinkle! I usually have a bag for a pair of shoes since I am adventurous and at least one pair are likely to be “dirty.” Similarly, a bag for laundry keeps my clean and dirty clothes separate which is incredibly important when I am traveling to multiple places and having to “repack” my suitcase.

My skin typically gets really dry, so packing lotion and tinted facial SPF is essential. I talk more about that here, and why I swear by Elta MD’s tinted facial SPF. I wear it instead of coverup or foundation.


My final travel essential is for my hair. MONAT is the only hair products I will use, even when traveling. They offer flash sales offering travel sizes of customers’ essential shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. I always take the three above along with the dry-shampoo and hairspray.


It’s super exciting that you can get a travel trio for only $10 right now! The offer is only available until August 17th, so if you’r interested I can hook you up!


The deal let’s VIPs choose which trio they want. If you’re new to MONAT it’s also a great way to sample and test out a few products without a huge $ investment. Let’s take a final look at the inside of my luggage.


You’ll see I also pack coil hair ties because I am typically going on vacation some place with beaches, water, and sun or mountains to hike. Thus, I will want to pull my hair back. Coiled hair ties prevent tangling and do not give me headaches. All these essentials are packed in my favorite MONAT makeup bag, so they do not roll around or come into contact with my clothes.

Get Packing!

So that’s it! It only takes a few items to ensure your traveling is as easy and comfortable as your vacation. I would love to hear about your upcoming travels and what essentials you will be packing.


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