Shoes that Transition Perfectly from Summer to Fall

And just like that Summer is ALMOST gone. The back to school tax free weekend has passed and new lunch sacs are bought! Stores are filling up with game day shirts, flannels, and jackets galore for Fall. That’s great but what about all the money spent on your Summer wardrobe? How do you get more wear and value out of your summer clothes that are new, hardly worn, and still stylish? No worries, I’ve got a few suggestions starting with shoes!


Strappy Heels

Strappy heels worked all summer long with my shorts and dresses, but I also love wearing them for fall with jeans and casual pants.



Don’t ditch your summer sandal heels when the leaves start falling because look how good they look with full length pants/chinos!



Slip-on Flats

The one stop shop for the perfect flats that slip on with ease come from Lucy Avenue Boutique! They have so many great options, and I bought a pair last season (see below).


With an average price of $30 or less it’s worth clicking here to see the shoes you’re missing out on. I get so much wear out of these shoes. The only season I do not wear them in is winter due to snow!


These are Shoes that Never Go Out of Style. I wear them all year long with pants, dresses and shorts. This summer I wore mules with shorts on the weekends, and with dresses during the week at work.

IMG_5070.jpgFor Fall wear your mules with a trendy pair of pants or just leggings. For more ways to wear mules and where to get them check out Shoes that Never Go Out of Style and The MOST Inexpensive Fashion.


Booties Flat and Heeled

I am convinced mid-west girls are obsessed with booties! No matter the season I always hear “I can’t wait for Fall so I can wear my booties!” They’re undeniably cute and versatile, so I totally get it. It’s wonderful that boutiques like B.E. Humble offer booties with cutouts perfect for Summer and then Fall!


Wear them with light Summer dresses or full length jeans when cool, Fall days roll around.


The cutout booties on the left come in black and tan. The black provides a dressier look and the tan is more casual and very Fall. The two pairs to the left are the perfect blend of a classic mule and trendy booties!


Here are two of my favorite Fall outfits paired with brown booties! Be sure to match your socks to your pants or wear cutoff socks. Seeing the edge of a white Nike sock peak above your booties between the rim and your pant hem is not cute, and it looks unpolished.


Time to Transition

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