Easy 2 Piece outfits you can wear to work

Hello working Gal! Do you like to be fashionable and look like a million bucks? Yeah, me too, and if you’re anything like most Girl Bosses you have no spare time! If you find yourself dreading getting dressed for work because it’s “too hard” then these outfits are perfectly for you. Read on for the easiest 2 piece outfits you can wear to work.

Statement Top & Jeans

Pair a detailed, statement top with dark wash jeans for an instantly chic work outfit. Statement tops take the fuss out of getting dressed with stylish designs. The top below comes ready to wear with ruffle sleeves, eyelet cut outs, and a bold color.


You most certainly can wear just the two pieces (top and jeans) above and have a complete look. However, if you’re feeling ambitious like me let your style shine by adding accessories and heeled boot.


The necklace adds great shine and fills the empty space on the top as it dangles from the neck. I’m a strong advocate for wearing watches at work, for it keeps me on time! I love the natural wood tone of this JORD watch, especially for Fall. A heeled boot will make you feel more polished. Learn more about the power of wearing heels here, for they have an amazing impact on self-confidence.

Dress & Blazer

Sweater dresses are highly sought after in the mid-west as Fall rolls around. Sweater dress tend to be shapeless, however, or extremely casual.  To make a sweater dress work for work (see what I did there?) wear it with a blazer.


Also, work appropriate sweater dresses should have a shape, like the one above. I got it from Express last year, and it’s super soft. It’s fitted, but not too tight. A-line styles are great too.


Simply pair this two piece outfit with Shoes that Never Go Out of Style or the black pumps shown! If you’re looking for more outfit inspirations like this go to How to wear Black Pumps 4 Ways.

Turtleneck & Slim Ankles

Achieve a sleek, chic look from neck to ankle in this easy two piece outfit. Turtlenecks are simplistic and classic. They never go out of style, but they come and go in trends. Ankle pants are super easy to wear, resulting in a polished work outfit. Make your life even easier and buy ankle pants made with wrinkle resistant fabric.


This two piece outfit is stylish and beautiful all on its own. I can’t stop myself from showing the other great pieces I will be wearing this outfit with to work and class.


I will be rocking this outfit for Fall with a plaid blanket scarf. The color and pattern are essential to styling a complete outfit. . Plus, there are 13 Unique ways to wear a scarf, so I can practically wear this outfit 13 different ways. I will surely be wearing sunglasses around campus and carrying my staple Kate Spade handbag from A Look Inside a Fashionista’s Bag. Finally, the flat shoes are Shoes that Transition Perfectly from Summer to Fall. It all works together beautifully don’t you think?

Animal Prints & Skirts

Every fashion girl owns animal print clothing, shoes, and accessories. Now, everyone is taking notice, making animal prints one of Fall’s number one trends for 2018. My tip to you is incorporate it however you can, whenever you can to look richer! This two piece outfit follows the classic fashion trend.


The leopard print top is a perfect transition piece from Summer to Fall. It’s a short-sleeve sweater, keeping you cozy but not too hot. I paired it with a black pencil skirt for those with “office” jobs. However, you can totally wear this sweater with jeans, leggings, black pants, or a different style of skirt. You can find more leopard print looks How to Mix Patterns and Your Go to Guide for Wearing All Black.


I’m a fan of wearing black and gold jewelry to bring out the natural colors in leopard. The statement tassel earrings play off the tassels on my black loafers and fringed B.E. Humble infinity scarf. You can wear a necklace or no scarf at all. Of course, I encourage you to wear black pumps. 


Go to Work in Style!

I hope these two piece outfits inspire you, and put your mind at ease as you get dressed for work in the coming days. It really can be easy because less really is more with the right clothes. If you still have questions feel free to comment or contact me. It’s time to go to work easily, in style.


3 thoughts on “Easy 2 Piece outfits you can wear to work

  1. priya says:

    Yes! Love pairing a statement top with some neat jeans, luckily my workplace is pretty casual, which means I can also get away with wearing some white sneakers with them too! xx


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