Wear Your Activewear Beyond the Gym

The Secret Styling Tip

Athleisure is “casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear.” This type of dressing appeared heavily in 2015. Many believed it would be just a trend, but it’s here to stay.  I believe it’s because the fashion of athleisure fits the lifestyle of our current culture valuing fitness, feeling comfortable, and wanting easy to care and wear clothing. The secret to wearing your activewear beyond the gym is LAYERING.


How to & Outfit Ideas

This outfit is for my legging, loving Yogi’s! You probably subscribe to Fabletics and frequent Lulelemon, spending more on activewear than workwear. But it’s ok because this is what you live in, so you might as well look fabulous instead of frumpy.


Tanks and leggings are worn together at the gym or during many workout classes. I also know girls LOVE mesh and motto leggings like the ones above. The mesh covers the entire calf, which is great for airflow when working out.


The downside of mesh is skin exposure, which isn’t always appropriate to wear outside of the gym. My tip is wear high riding boots to cover your calf. Riding boots also hide the fact you’re wearing leggings. Polish off your tank with a scarf, tied in one of the 13 Unique ways to wear a scarf.


Another one of my favorite things to throw on with leggings is a long cardigan. It helps maintain modesty and provides extra warmth leaving the gym on winter days!  Now, sometimes we wear activewear to parks, so how do you transform your Nike running shorts and sports bra into an appropriate outfit? The answer is one of my BIGGEST STYLE SECRETS!


Believe it or not 99% of the time I am wearing the exact combo above under a dress! It’s so easy to throw on a dress over shorts and a sports bra. Plus, I feel more comfortable wearing a dress with shorts.


Any dress works well. Here I show a simple tank dress with a belt to accent the waist paired with maroon smoking slippers for a pop of color! You can easily take a morning jog then wear this to work…as long as you’re not to sweaty of course!

There’s nothing like a matching tank and sports bra. In the colder months, I see an influx of people wearing joggers with tanks to the gym or while during a brisk, cold morning run. CRAZY!


I’m not an advocate for wearing joggers or sweatpants outside of the gym or lounging around your house. However, it’s simple to swop out joggers with jeans and throw on a jacket or button up over your workout tank. Tuck in the tank to make the outfit look more polished and less “athletic.”


Wearing a great shoe and dark denim will elevate the look too! This outfit is perfect for college students to wear after working out at the university gym between classes when there’s just not enough time to completely change.

Women Empowering Activewear

If you’re a returning B.E. Style reader or a @bemoline IG follower, you know I am a HUGE advocate for dressing for a greater life and purpose. I buy clothes from socially responsible company’s and promote self-care through fashion. Hence, there’s no better time than now to share the activewear brand that’s empowering women!

IMG_5338 2.JPG

I’m wearing Project Woman Warrior gear! The gear is athletic and high-quality. Joining the community provides so many benefits including encouragement and fashionable insights! There’s even a subscription box service, where you can get a personally styled box delivered to you each month. The box includes tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories!


You can simply shop the gear here and feel free to join the community of women on Facebook. 


What brands do you like to wear that do good? I would love to hear about them, so I can try them out. Another one of my favorites is “Noonday” which I wrote about in Noonday: Accessorize with Purpose. As always feel free to provide feedback and share how you wear your activewear beyond the gym!


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