Your Ultimate Fall Fashion Guide


Hello friend! I am super excited to present your ultimate fall fashion guide exclusively with B.E. Humble! B.E. Humble fashion’s are in high demand and short supply, so be sure to snatch up the styles asap. I feel super blessed I got to be part of the first lookbook photoshoot! Read on to see the fashion trends worth investing in this Fall.

Colorful Neutrals

I know, “colorful neutrals” seems like an oxymoron but they exist. Embrace the natural colors of Autumn in your Fall wardrobe with colors like hunter green, olive, mauve, burgundy, and mustard yellow.

Of course, you can never go wrong with black and red checked plaid paired with a little distressed denim!

The best thing about Fall’s colorful neutrals is they all go together, so you literally can’t make a bad color pairing! I know some people are hesitant and unsure on how to mix colors, so they default to all black outfits. No need to do that this season.


See how wonderful all these different colors(above) go together!? It’s because they’re technically neutrals. Plus owner of B.E. Humble, Brittany, strategically buys with this in mind. You can totally rock multiple colors in these great neutrals for Fall, and I can’t wait to see what you wear.

Knits and Sweaters

Ok girls, let’s admit that our favorite thing about Fall (besides Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes) is layering in sweaters. Everything from soft cotton to rib knit sweaters in neutral colors are in style. Truthfully, they’ll probably always be “on trend” in Fall.

The super soft sweater wrap below is a must have! It can be worn in multiple ways, so you’re technically getting 3-4 sweaters for the price of one. Oh did I mention it’s incredibly soft!?

Bonus this sweater incorporates fringe, which is super trendy right now. Western style influences are on the runways from New York to Milan. You don’t want to miss out.


Have some fun with texture in a popcorn cardigan. I also adore this high-low long sleeve sweater, which goes really well with leggings.

Cargo Style

I’m digging cargo jackets this Fall. Military influences have been on trend for several seasons now, so I bit the bullet and invested in this adorable Cargo Jacket with a hood.

B.E. Humble offers several great military inspired pieces including more jackets and vests! I plan to live in this jacket for Fall because the neutral olive color will go with everything. Plus, I find it to be comfy and flattering.



Will the love for good denim ever die? I HOPE NOT! Since opening it’s doors B.E. Humble has been known for their “Infamous Skinny Jeans.” They’re the type of jeans women buy several at a time and tell all their friends to do the same!

For Fall you want to embrace a little distressing in your jeans. My favorite and quite frankly only distressed jeans are B.E. Humble’s Asymmetric Ankle Jeans. For a looser, relaxed fit try out the Boyfriend Jeans.

Believe it or not overalls, aka “bibs,” are back on trend!


Overalls are a great way to get out of the old denim rut of just wearing jeans and bring you back to your childhood! I find these overalls, however, to be much comfier than the ones I got strapped into as a little girl. Does anyone else remember that feeling?

Animal Print

The most talked about and worn pattern for the season is animal print! It’s on everything! Animal print will always be one of my favorite patterns. It’s so classy and instantly elevates an outfit. Needless to say I am super excited it’s trending this Fall.


You can subtly add animal print into your wardrobe and an outfit with accessories and shoes. These Ballet Flats in leopard are a great way to introduce the trend into your Fall wardrobe. Side note these flats feel like slippers. If you’re between sizes choose the smaller size. They fit a tad bigger and have great stretch.


Second to knits, leather is the material of the season. Fashionistas are bringing back leather jackets and leggings! I absolutely love it. Leather provides great texture to an outfit. Plus leather holds up really well.




Say goodbye to micro-bags and hello to leather totes and statement earrings. I never really bought into the micro-bag trend because it isn’t practical. I have to carry a larger bag, so I am glad totes are back on trend.


It’s not Fall without plaid blanket scarves! They’re super versatile and a great way to complete an outfit. If you’re wondering how to tie a scarf or different ways to wear a blanket scarf go here!


We will continue to see a trend in buying personalized clothing and accessories such as these tumblers and mugs, along with handmade jewelry!

IMG_6191 (1).jpg

Like what you see? You can shop B.E. Humble’s Fall Collection online! Everything pictured is available here! If you found this blog helpful and love the styles shown be sure to share it and show off your Fall style by tagging me and b.e. humble on instagram! I can’t wait to see how you make the Fall trends your own!

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