Perfect Little Beauty Gifts

Believe it or not it’s time to start Holiday gift shopping! I shop early to make sure I get my friends and family exactly what they will love. Even when it’s not a gift giving season, I keep small gifting items on hand for birthdays, anniversaries, or special events that pop up without much notice! I simply  like to be prepared, so you will find an area of my closet designated to “small gift items” perfect for anyone. Here’s a look at limited edition gift sets perfect for the upcoming holiday season or to keep tuck away in your gift closet. You may even decide to treat yourself to one of these fabulous sets…I won’t tell. 😉

Body Gifts for Everybody

You’re likely giving gifts during winter, when people’s skin is drying out. Give the gift of hydration with a luxury pampering body oil and cream set. The best gifts are the ones people can’t find in store or wouldn’t purchase for themselves.

bring on the magic

That’s why I love this Bring on the Magic gift set from MONAT. It includes Cleansing Body Oil, Body Creme, Dry Body Oil, a Microfiber Mitt, and Clear Carry Purse. It’s an enchanting set of three almond-rich body treats for hydrated and delicately scented skin. The micro-fiber mitt helps evenly distribute the Cleansing Body Oil resulting in a cleansing, soft pampering experience.

Happy Hands Trio

Every girl loves nice, scented hand cream. I make fantastic use out of small, travel-sized hand creams more than large bottles. I like to have a variety of scents! Plus, I can put one in each of my bags and backpack.

happy hands

What’s Included

  • Thank You, XO XO Hydrating Hand Cream
  • Hello Beautiful Hydrating Hand Cream
  • Spoil Yourself Hydrating Hand Cream
  • Nail Files 3 pack.
  • Canvas bag.

These 3 hand creams are delightful. They moisturize and keep hands happy over the cold winter months. They’re great for elbows too. Give the gift of good smell with scents like Lait DeCoco, Gardenia, and Matcha.

Purr-fectlly Fab Masque Trio

This is my favorite gift set and trio of products. First, MONAT masques are magical, with instant results such as smoother, softer hair after one use! Additionally, I love that this gift set can be divided into 3 separate gifts! The masques are incredibly potent, so you do not need to use a lot. As a result, the product lasts for over a year. It’s a gift that will last a long time.

masque trio

What’s Included

  • Charcoal Gelée Masque
  • Heavenly Hydrating Masque
  • Super Moisture Masque
  • Cosmetic Bag
  • Shower Cap

This set will leave you with luxurious, healthy-looking, soft, hydrated hair. It will keep your hair from becoming dry and brittle this winter.

Minterrific Cozy Feet

I admit, I always forget to lotion my feet, and I imagine others do too. Give this gift to someone who is always on their feet and likely forget to pamper their tootsies!


What’s Included

  • MONAT Minterrific Foot Scrub
  • MONAT Minterrific Foot Cream
  • “But wait there’s more” socks
The Minterrific Foot Sugar Scrub and Minterrific Foot Cream are great for exfoliating and moisturizing. They smell great too! After, tuck your feet inside a cozy pair of Stuart’s Holiday Socks… that have a surprise special message on their soles!

Great Hair Everywhere

This deluxe travel set is a must-have for yourself and a friend! If you’re traveling to different homes this holiday season then this travel set is worth essential. The travel case keeps products well contained in a tidy, organized case. It can hang anywhere and tuck into any suitcase or bag.

Deluxe travel set

What’s Included

  • Renew Shampoo
  • MONAT Black Shampoo + Conditioner
  • Intense Repair Shampoo
  • The Champ Conditioning Dry Shampoo
  • Intense Repair Conditioner
  • Replenish Masque
  • Signature Toiletry Bag

Weekends in Style Men’s Grooming Set

Sometimes men forget the importance of good grooming and investing in quality grooming products. So this is the perfect gift for the men in your life from husband to brother who needs a nudge towards better grooming practices.


What’s Included

  • MONAT Black Cream Shave. A rich and soothing cream shave that leaves skin smooth, sleek and revitalized. Provides a close, comfortable shave. Helps to soothe skin. Moisturizes skin, making it feel silky, never greasy.
  • MONAT Black After-Shave + Moisturizer. A rich and velvety Aftershave + Moisturizer that helps to soothe skin, minimize ingrown hairs and provide excellent skin hydration. Helps to prevent moisture loss and refine the appearance of fine lines.
  • MONAT Black Groom Styling Clay. Versatile styling clay that helps create a variety of modern textured looks. Provides a lightweight and pliable hold. Helps to make fine hair look and feel thicker and provides a matte finish.
  • Charcoal Exfoliating Body Bar. Suds up for squeaky-clean skin with this exfoliating body bar specially formulated with fresh coconut and activated charcoal. Fused together to purify, absorb dirt and deeply cleanse while leaving skin nourished, hydrated, moisturized and feeling soft.
  • Holiday Beard Grooming Oil, Light Wood. Expertly crafted, quick-absorbing oil for all beards and mustaches. This 4-in-1 oil has been specifically formulated with nourishing, conditioning, lightweight oils to keep your beard and mustache hair hydrated, whiskers in line, and the skin underneath soft. Also doubling as an ideal pre-shave oil, it keeps skin protected and allows razors to glide smoothly. Never over-powering, delivering ultimate shine, softness, smoothness, beard hair protection…and more.
  • Weekender Bag

Chocolate Crave

This is the perfect pampering scrub for chocolate lovers! No more explanation needed. Give this special chocolate body scrub to anyone deserving something sweet and special.

chocolate crave.png

What’s Included

  • Chocolate Crave Body Scrub
  • Shower Pouf
  • Spatula

It’s what you crave! A luxurious, antioxidant-rich, nourishing shower scrub that offers a delicious way to pamper, soften and tone the body.

Give the Gift of Beauty

I hope this post helped you check off a few gifts on your list to buy! It’s exciting to think that these limited edition gifts will reach so many people because I know they’ll make the receiver feel more beautiful and confident. Contact me here to order, or place an order by visiting MONAT here. Stay tuned by subscribing for more gift-giving ideas!


“Thank’s for reading”-Brooke Moline


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