Achieve Healthy Autumn Skin

healthy skin

I appreciate the changing leaves, layering sweaters, and blanket scarves that come with Autumn. However, I do not look forward to my changing skin that dries out, lightens, and requires extra care. After years of experimenting and learning from mistakes, like using lotions instead of oils and over exfoliating, I have discovered skincare routines and products that work! Everyone’s skin needs are different, but hopefully one of these tips helps you achieve healthier Autumn skin.

Gently Exfoliate

The key to exfoliating is be gentle and use an oil based exfoliant. Over scrubbing/exfoliating removes the protective layer of your skin leaving it weak and more susceptible to drying out and clogging.

Dr. Amy Ross from MONAT recommends exfoliating your entire body once a week. It leaves your skin smooth and renewed. If you’re anything like me you don’t remember or have the time to exfoliate your whole body! So at least take care of your face. I swear by the AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser. It’s so gentle, and I literally only use half a pea size at a time.


AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser is good for all skin types. It gently scrubs away dead skin, improving the appearance of skin tone and texture.

Use Creams & Oils

Do not use lotions! Creams have a stronger oil base, which helps your skin retain moisture as the temperature drops and the air becomes more dry. My skin is always incredibly dry. I am also guilty for taking really hot showers, which doesn’t help. I use REJUVINIQUE Oil Intensive on my skin for extra hydration. I add it to cheap lotions like Eucerin when my Skin Recovery Cream is not handy. My favorite all over body cream is CraVe Moisturizing Cream, and it can be found at WalMart. I add REJUVINIQUE Oil Intensive to it as well.


You can totally use REJUVINIQUE Oil Intensive without cream or lotion! My second favorite thing about it besides how well it hydrates is it smells exactly like fresh squeezed lemons! Brings me back to summers by the pool with my Dry Shampoo and Air Dry Cream.


Protect Against Harmful UV Rays

Your skin is still exposed to harmful UV rays when the leaves change. I admit, I do not put sunscreen on my entire body. However, the only foundation I use (on the rare occasions I wear it) is Elta MD’s Tinted SPF. It’s expensive so, if you’re looking for a cheaper SPF foundation I have used Clinique’s CC cream and Rimmel’s BB Cream with 15 SPF.

I will warn you that the Clinique CC cream feels a little heavy. Rimmel’s BB Cream tends to clog my pores and leave it a tad oily. However, that just may be how my skin reacts. Everyones’ needs are different. You are beautifully and uniquely YOU!

Moisture on the Lips

Remember my On the Lips: My favorite sticks, glosses, and balms post? Well  if your curious about my extensive lip cosmetic collection you should totally check it out. Dr. Ross, advises people to”apply a moisturizing lip balm that’s petroleum free and contains sunscreen with an SPF 20 or more.”


If you’re a faithful reader/follower you likely recognize my lip care of choice! This is AMAZING. I use this instead of chapstick because it actually works. My lips are subject to drying out more than the average person because I wear long-lasting lipstick daily.  Thanks to Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream, my lips can go from chapped to moisturized overnight.

Don’t forget your hands, feet, and elbows!

Is it just me or are dry hands incredibly painful and uncomfortable!? It’s always a battle to protect and moisturize my hands when the temps drop and the air becomes more dry. With that comes more hand washing to avoid germs and sickness, which dries out hands even more! Finally, I stumbled upon shea butter from Out of Africa at my local Vitamin Shoppe.

Shea Butter

My hands were literally cracked and bleeding before my first use! I put the shea butter on before bed and woke up in the morning to find my hands were back to normal! Repeat use makes my hands extra soft and touchable. It’s extremely oily, so I often wear lotion gloves to keep it on longer and increase hydrating results.

Now let’s talk about them elbows! Take care of them with R+F Active Hydration Body Replenish. Check out this incredible before and after picture below.

Active Hydration

It’s great for all areas of the body too. I think this cream is great if you need to target specific areas though! Lastly, don’t forget to care for your feet! They’re your body’s foundation, so exfoliate them and follow up with a rich, creamy moisturizer. I really like to apply CraVe Moisturizing Cream on my feet and put fuzzy socks on after! Prevents me from slipping and sliding, while giving the cream time to soak in.

Bonus Takeaway!

What will ultimately prevent dry skin and help you achieve healthy skin this Autumn is establishing a moisturizing routine you can keep up with. For example, I moisturize my entire body after my morning showers and immediately put on clothes to trap in the moisturizing properties. I apply cream on in the morning because I know by the time night rolls around I just want to go to bed. However, at night I always wash my face, apply Skin Recovery Cream to my face, and Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream to my lips. It takes a little time finding what works for you, and it will often change with the seasons. Be patient and have fun experimenting! It’s super rewarding to have healthy, hydrated skin. I look forward to hearing what works for you.


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