What to Wear When It’s Cold but You Don’t Want to Wear a Coat

Happy Fall Ya’ll! Yeah, I know that’s cornier than candy corn, but in the spirit of Fall I can’t resist. You probably know by now I am always cold and hate it! But did you know I absolutely HATE wearing coats more than I hate being cold? It’s true. They’re annoyingly bulky and ruin a good outfit. Hence why I invest in great layering pieces and wraps like the one below that can be worn in 7+ ways, and I continue to discover more!

Classic Wrap

Simple yet stylish and currently my favorite way to wear the City Wrap when on the go. It’s easy to throw on over a long-sleeve top or sweater for extra warmth.


This City Wrap is in the Black and White Houndstooth pattern, but there are many other colors and patterns to choose from here.

City Wraps are one size making them easy to order and give as a gift. Wearing the City Wrap as a classic wrap is super easy to wear, yet looks like a hard worked outfit, especially because I chose a classic, chic pattern.


I snapped this quick pic before class…yes, in the bathroom. I must admit this wrap saved my Friday appearance. The day before this I was bed bound with a 24 hour flu. I needed something that would look nice, but required little to no effort to wear.

Tunic Dress

After class and work on Friday I had fun creating different ways to wear the City Wrap! I always find a way to wear more dresses, and the wrap can be worn as a dress.


To wear the wrap as a dress scrunch the sleeves all the way up after slipping it on like you’re going to wear it as a “classic wrap”. Then wrap the excess fabric around your waist and cinch with a belt.


Again, this is better then most dresses that are light-weight and you’ll have to wear a coat over. Instead, I can layer a thick sweater underneath, leggings, tights, and more!


Belted Wrap

I like the “classic wrap’s” free flowing feel, and how the belt cinches my waist in from the “tunic dress.” Here I combine the two!


To achieve the “belted wrap” simply put an arm through each hole just like the “classic wrap.” Next. grab any belt, leaving the extra fabric bunched instead of wrapped like the “tunic dress,” and buckle it around your waist.


The result is a free-flowing yet structured look. Plus, it helps the wrap stay in place if you find yourself adjusting the “classic wrap” all day. It has not bothered me yet, but you never know!

Simple Cape

The most effortless, lax way to wear the City Wrap is like a cape! You may feel like a superhero, perfect for Halloween. 😉


Literally, you fold it in half and toss over your shoulders. The “simple cape” is practical for the office or other chilly places when a coat is too cumbersome.

I imagine myself keeping a basic black City Cape in my office space or place of work upon graduation. It will go with anything and stores easily in the nice package it was sent in!


If you have a pin or decorative broach, try pinning the cape to one side! I would if I had either of those things in hand, but I made do without. I think I will try that look next though.

Criss-Crossed Coat

Oh my goodness, watching me execute this one I’m sure was a sight! I envisioned the look perfectly in my mind, but execution was a little awkward! Eventually, I got it, and really like the criss-cross look.

To achieve the “Criss-cross Coat” put one arm and your head through the same hole, straighten out and repeat for the other side. Essentially, you should have an arm and head through each hole.


I adjusted this a little more than the others, and sorry for an incomplete finished picture of the “criss-cross coat.” The photo above demonstrates one side completely straightened out while the other is still stuck and tucked! After one or two tugs and pulls, I found the perfect fit. You can too.

Asymmetrical Poncho


Asymmetrical styles are on trend and slimming. I wear the City Wrap as an “asymmetrical poncho” by putting my head through one of the holes and an arm through the other as shown below.

What I like about the “asymmetrical coat” is it’s extremely roomie, which means I can wear a thick, wool sweater underneath when it’s really cold instead of layering with a bulky coat!


Check out how stylish it looks from the back too! Honestly, there’s no wrong way to wear the City Wrap.

Long Scarf


Scarves are one of my favorite accessories. They are practical, useful, and stylish. At first, I was not sure how to make the City Wrap into a scarf, for it’s kinda tricky.

Make it into a scarf by gathering both holes together (left photo). Next toss behind your neck with the holes on one side.


Lastly, pull the end through both holes, and you will be wearing a “long scarf” in no time.


Wrap Skirt

Last but not least it’s time to take the City Wrap for a twirl as a skirt!


All you need is a belt or pin to achieve this look. The photos below demonstrate the steps I take to  fold and wrap it into a skirt.

First, hold the wrap in front of you and fold in half. Second, pull the holes to each side as shown on the right.

Place the center of the folded wrap behind you, and wrap the ends across your waist tightly. Finally, secure with a belt or pin.


The “wrap skirt” is fun and flirty with natural ruffles and a high-low design. It’s good for every body type. You can wear this skirt with fleece-lined leggings and booties on cold days. When it does get warm again you can wear a pair of shorts under it and bare legs.

That’s a Wrap!

Thanks for RBL Interiors on Instagram I discovered this versatile clothing item! It’s perfect for everybody from college students to pregnant moms growing into new bodies! The City Wrap can take many stylish forms from a dress to scarf. I highly recommend the City Wrap and hope you share how you wear it with me on Facebook, Instagram, or in the comments below.


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