Boots Under $50 in Every Color!


Every year when Fall rolls around the boot craze begins! Last year I wrote about how to Vest Up with Boots and Jeans, providing a helpful guide on how to get the most wear out of your favorite boots, vests, and jeans! This year I see a trend towards boots in every color and pattern. By now you probably have your favorite classic, black boots (at least I hope). If not I have suggestions for you! You will also find trendy boots that won’t break your bank.

Read on to shop boots in every color under $50. View details and shop for your size by clicking on the image URL.


Black boots are a must. They go with everything and are incredibly versatile. If you’re on your feet a lot stick to a wedge or low heel. I adore back Chelsea Boots, and they’re the shoe I wear the most in Fall and Winter.


I am still on the hunt for the perfect white boots because wearing white after Labor Day is completely OK! White is clean and crisp, making an outfit look modern.


Brown boots are arguably more popular than black for Fall. They remind me of the natural world’s changing leaves and forest of trees! Below are a collection of boots for everyday and special times.


I am a sucker for gray. Hence, why I am showing quite a few options. To my surprise, finding gray boots is incredibly hard! Does no one want gray boots?


Navy is my FAVORITE color to wear. Plus blue boots go incredibly well with jeans because the colors are similar and coordinate well. My favorite rain boots from Target are navy blue. By the way, everyone should own a pair of rain boots, because with a pair of wool socks they can double as snow boots to stomp through snow in. IMG_0999

Red & Orange

Looking to spice up an outfit? Red or orange boots make any outfit hot and sexy! Throw on a pair of red high heel boots and watch your confidence sore.


I’ve recently become a big fan of dark greens and olive. It’s a “colorful” neutral, making it a good change from basic brown or black. Green is considered to be calming and grounds an outfit.

Pink & Purple

Girls just want to have fun! That’s exactly what these pretty boots suggest. Add some fun and brightness to a simple outfit with these girly boots. Make sure you wear the pink on Wednesday (comment if you get that reference). 😉


Honestly, metallic is my favorite! It’s bolder than a solid color, but not too over the top like a pattern. Metallic always look dressier and more polished. Metallic or glittery boots are great to wear paired with black denim and a leather jacket out on the town.  It screams “Girl Boss.”

Multi & Patterned

These boots are taste specific and super trendy, so I don’t want to spend a lot of money on them like my black Chelsea boot, which I wear so much. Multi-colored and patterned boots are for the girls that want to show off their fun personality, and let their shoes be the statement in an outfit.

Boots Cover

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