How to Get Rid of Hair Static

My Static Problem

It’s cold and dry outside, and I’ve got a case of static hair! My gosh it’s so annoying and totally unattractive. In the past I dealt with the static problem or threw my hair up in a messy bun. Until last winter, I had no clue static hair results from dryness. Silly me! Thankfully, I’ve uncovered 4 simple ways to prevent and control horrible cases of static hair.


Dryer Sheets

You thought dryer sheets were just for laundry right!? WRONG. I rub a dryer sheet along my hair to reduce static. I keep brushes and combs static-free by rubbing or wrapping them in a dryer sheet too. You’ve got to try the dryer sheet method. It’s easy, cheap and readily available.

Dryer Sheets

Hydrating Masque

Dryer sheets reduce hair static slightly but only for a couple hours. I’ve used this method the longest. However, I discovered a year ago that my daily static problem results from dry hair! At the first sign or feel, I use the Replenish Masque one to two times a week. This gets rid of my static for a couple days. It makes my hair soft and hydrated, but NOT oily.

Replenish Masque


This one was tricky for me, until I found the right hairspray that controls and hydrates. Many hairsprays make hair sticky, heavy, and look dirty. My favorite Refinish Control Hairspray hydrates! It’s infused with REJUIVINQUE oil to maintain luster and shine, without leaving a thick residue. Hairspray is perfect for taming my static flyaways between days using the Replenishing Masque .



A humidifier increases moisture in the air and subsequently in your hair! I notice my hair static reduces when I am at my parents house, which has a built in humidifier. However, it’s static heaven in my dry, cold dorm room at Ashland University.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 11.22.08 PM

By the way, I chose to feature this Dyson humidifier simply because it looks nice. I guess that’s the Interior Design Assistant coming out in me!

Other Methods

I’ve read anti-frizz products, metal combs, natural bristle brushes, and not wearing rubber soled shoes help prevent and control frizz. Plastic combs create more friction than metal. Of course anti-frizz products should reduce frizz. Since, I have not tried either I can’t vouch for them, but trying them won’t cause harm.

Live Static Free

Hopefully this post is helpful, and you can live through the winter without a horrible case of hair static. I am a fan of before and afters, so if you have pre and post hair static photos you should share them on Facebook and Instagram.




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