365 Days of Closet Clean Out

New Year's Resolution I've never made a New Year's Resolution because I believe goals should be set everyday of the year! However, in 2019 I am resolving to declutter, reduce my personal belongings by at least 365 items. It's super trendy to live a minimal lifestyle in tiny houses with capsule wardrobes, yet for the … Continue reading 365 Days of Closet Clean Out

Wardrobe Therapy

Wardrobe Therapy Resolution I am incredibly passionate about Wardrobe Therapy. I am finessing the definition and how to practice Wardrobe Therapy. My goal is to develop a plan to share with the masses! Like a "12 step plan" for feeling better in the clothes you wear. Exciting right!? Last Tuesday I took a leap of … Continue reading Wardrobe Therapy

The Cool Fashion Way to Wear Your Grandmas Favorite Top

Spice up your sweater weather with... your grandma's favorite top, a turtleneck! Under a Long-sleeve dress The first time I wore a turtleneck under a dress was last year, and it felt like an epiphany! This discovery means I can now wear dresses in the Fall and Winter without freezing. As a lover of dresses … Continue reading The Cool Fashion Way to Wear Your Grandmas Favorite Top