The Cool Fashion Way to Wear Your Grandmas Favorite Top

Spice up your sweater weather with… your grandma’s favorite top, a turtleneck!

Under a Long-sleeve dress

The first time I wore a turtleneck under a dress was last year, and it felt like an epiphany! This discovery means I can now wear dresses in the Fall and Winter without freezing.

As a lover of dresses and a perpetually freezing individual this style is perfect when the weather cools. It’s amazing how much the long-sleeves and turtlenecks help keep me warm. This turtleneck duo is fashionably conservative making it appropriate for work or Sunday brunch with grandma.

Don’t forget to add your personal style. I do it with Aldo’s pink floral shoes. You can get the flat version of these shoes at Aldo on SALE! Also, my Pandora Charm Bracelet adds a personal touch and just the right amount of sparkle.

A Statement coat or jacket

This is one of my favorite affordable fashion outfits. Dressed from head to toe in Shein for under $6o. Read more about it here.

Under a Vest

Turtlenecks paired with any type of vest gives the “old school” shirt a “new school” look. I simply adore this soft Tissue Turtleneck Top from J.Crew. It’s on the thinner side, making it perfect for layering!


With a scarf

Layer up with a warm scarf over a turtleneck for chilly days or just because scarves are cute!


This is a great way to “hide” that you’re wearing a turtleneck, for those who don’t like the look of a turtleneck but want the warm benefits.


I am wearing a simple, black turtleneck from Forever 21, WHBM boots, SHEIN pants, and a J.Crew scarf.


Sometimes I tire of wearing scarves around my neck. Instead, I wear it as a shawl around my shoulders for a different look. Plus, you may feel like your suffocating with a turtleneck and scarf wrapped around your neck tightly.

A-line Midi Skirt & Statement Jewels

Midi-skirts in a modern pattern, no florals, is cool to wear with turtlenecks. Adding a statement necklace and other jewelry will make the top look fresh and young.


I like to add a pop of color with lipstick and shoes! Let’s be honest,  it’s unlike me to not mention what’s on my lips and  feet!


Layered with a Cardigan

Another favorite thing to wear is a cardigan, which you can of course wear with a turtleneck! Pick a patterned, knit, or colorful cardigan. This will prevent your outfit looking like something your grandma would wear. Contrast is key when pairing cardigans with turtlenecks!


I really love this long cardigan, which I got ages ago at the H&M in Chicago. Man, I really need to go back soon. Of course, I am wearing my favorite jeans, rain boots, and perfect fit turtleneck. 

All the classics-Blazer, jeans, & boots

Your grandma will totally approve of this business, professional outfit. However, you won’t look like an old lady in heeled boots and skinny jeans.


If you want to be even more trendy, wear a long-lined blazer. They’re really popular, and will remain trendy in Spring and Summer 2019 paired with shorts.


My go-to blazers are from J.Crew, and this one is incredibly special. My best friends, Kajal, gave it to me last Christmas. My initials are embroidered on the left pocket. What’s even cooler is the inside!


Every months since last December Kajal gives me a new patch to iron on that represents our friendship or what she thinks about me. Really cool and thoughtful right?

B.E. Fashionable-Cool-Grandma Approved

Alright lady, I hope you are willing to give your grandma’s favorite top another shot. Turtlenecks are here to stay, and they can be incredibly stylish. Whether you’re playing in leaves or twirling around, there’s a cool, fashion way to wear turtlenecks.

B.E. Creative and try one of the outfit ideas above. Which one is your favorite? Thanks for reading.


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